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Next money too be burned

Now it’s Portugal.

The failout plans have not worked, do not work and never will work. It’s not a problem of too less money and credit but too much of them both. One just hase to compare the
money base expansion and output expansion. There’s too much money and so the prices start raising. Portugal has accepted and asked for too much debts and the EC countries do
not accept that. They want to provide them with more cheap money. And so the ones having taken risks (while buying bonds from portugal) will get all the money from those
having not taken any risk. So there is no relationship between taking and earning and this will lead in the end to a crash unprecedented.

Suggestions for the investor. You have two just take care of one think Sell your bonds early enough if the EC runs out of money. Till then one can buy as much bonds as one like. All the tax payers in EC guarantee your interest… So I think short runners may be quite interesting. Try to get back what the governments steal from you.

The ever ending story?

I wonder when will we be relieved? Will we ever see the day where debts will not be glorfied? Will we ever come back to serious earning money by providing goods and services, or will we also get
hindered by bureaucrats?

This time Portugal has successfully raised new debts. Is this a success?

Well I ask you if you have 100 000 EUR debts and get another 10 000 is that a success?

Too much debt is the disease not the cure, but who but austrian oeconimics do get that.

I’m sure, the country first to ban debts and introduce real money, will be the land of plenty for “normal” people it will be hell for “bureaucrats , politicians” or short deledefs.

What land of plenty would you prefer?