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Request to the Economics

It would be terrible nice to check out which country was the soundest before the GFC, during the GFC and how will recover most quickly.
And especially what the Keynisiens have to show to prove their points.
Here’s one comment about not beeing Kynesian

However this is far from true for Germany. However in comparison to Japan and US the helps was less. But far from “neglectable”.

What questions I’d like to see addressed.
– how are property rights and well-beeing connected. I have not doubt there is a relationship and this one must be very strong.
– how is stable money and well beeing connnected.

In both areas I’ve a strong opinion. I’d like to see it confirmed or not. Because if there is a relationship and if there is even a strong one. Then we surely can say
the Deledefs have not done well. Then we have to conclude. DESPITE the efforts of them….

But who will dare to challenge them. I bet no-one here in Germany, as you might know every professor is paid for by the governement. And so I strongly assume they do quite some cherry-picking. One of the most dreadful things which have come out of this can you see with the climate hysteria. Even in Germany just a handful professors have opposed the diverse bail-outs, and interstingly enough most of them were not active any longer. And you can see that in Germany the idea of stimulus is heard everywhere.

So who will dare to oppose the Deledefs, who will at least try to defend civil and even human rights. Indeed I say human right. There should be one human right which claims. “a base or human rights is a stable currency”. So we need property, freedom of contract and precious money. If we got that we probably could get along whith this superflouus bureaucrats and deledefs.