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Show your face (the real one)

It’s always interesting to see how Deledefs make their “own” kind of reality. Let’s take using stolen things for something. We can assume it was illegal to send the docs from the diverse places to wikileak. Now we can see interesting reaction: Those publishing that stuff should be jailed or even better killed. The always start babbling about security of whomever. Who has send the soldiers down to Iraque/Afghanistan. Yes indeed the same persons. It is acceptable to harm someone in the name of some artificial construct like a country, but if information is published about the same mission, than this is an unacceptable risk?

Then the very same deldefs accept happily a CD which people supposed not having to pay their (though of “just” taxes). The even have paid for such a CD. The stuff is stolen, but hey it’s government. They can use whatever they get to put more pressure on their own citizens well this name is kindly phrased for subject.

It’s quite interesting, how you can get to such a brain split. Everything coming from government is good, everything else bad? Every one else knows it does not come anything good from government. You get in touch with them, you will have to pay dearly.

But hey the saying is. “It’s sweet to die for you country”. Why don’t the Deledefs do us a favor and take this sweeties?

As you might guess

I’m quite sensible about anything governement. IMHO this whole stuff is just established to feed vermins. So I’m extremly paranoid if it comes to data
in the hand of the governement (let’s name it shorter enemy). I’m a regular reader of comp.risks and this is “breat-taking”.

Date: Fri, 03 Sep 2010 10:35:59 +0200
From: Peter Houppermans
Subject: German goverment ID already cracked

Surely this is some sort of record.

“Public broadcaster ARD’s show ‘Plusminus’ teamed up with the known hacker
organization ‘Chaos Computer Club’ (CCC) to find out how secure the
controversial new radio-frequency (RFID) chips were. The report shows how
they used the basic new home scanners that will go along with the cards
(for use with home computers to process the personal data for official
government business) to demonstrate that scammers would have few problems
extracting personal information. This includes two fingerprint scans and a
new six-digit PIN meant to be used as a digital signature for official
government business and beyond.”

Unfortunatly in my day-to-day life I have to live with other monstrosities under “tight” governement control. It’s about the waste-management
companies here in Germany. Probably after the tax laws and work laws, this is the most convulted field one can imagine. Their newest master piece is named
EANV. This is a combination of the worst of governement (really massive data allocations) and indstriy (bureaucratic as one just can imagine) witht cost probably in the Billions every year. And well anyway the name gives away the intentions very clear (that does not happen often) , it should be that to ease the “contro”. So yes
all the companies are bleeded to get them under tighter control……

Well I’m against that kind of control it’s BB at work and BB is governement. So of course I’m against it….