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How I dislike politicians

Just another figure which can’t be called anything but extreme. The G20 meeting has cost around 800 Million Dollar. Can’t you believe that?
19 000 policemen for let’s say 2000 deledefs (don’t know the real figure) but let us assume there have been 2000 of them so
any of them has cost us 800 000 000 / 2000 = 400 000 Dollar. That for let’s say a week. What good for was this meeting? Obama wanted to extend
Obamacare to everything in the economy and wanted to persuade the others to spend a few trillions again on economics help.

Well not that Japan has tried this route for now a decade, and well has not reached anything else but the highest debt quote from
any country on this earth. And everytime you just hear mo’ money. It’s so brain-dead that one just can think of politicians as autisems. They can not
think in any normal ways the just can think “more credit, more deficit spending more this more that”. No wealth was ever produced by piling up debts over debts,
this schemes have a name Ponti schemes. And that is what the deledefs do every year, every month, every day, every hour every second, during their
sorry “piss poor” political life-time. I wished they all had to work just 4 weeks really. Let them “feel” the pain they inflict on others, just how much I would love to
see Merkel, Sakrozy Obama working on a field and I would really like to see them working with above 30 degrees centigrade… Or simply let them just do all the work on their own which “normal” people have. Let them go shopping, let them feel the “joy” of congestions, give them the pleasure if a 100 km ride from work and bak. Even better let them
do it by public transport.
Just give them 4 weeks, maybe they will learn… Or let them work for 8 hours on conveyor belt, let them feel the “horror” if they see how their retirement payments go down the

All this is still generous of me, I wished them really a time of catostraphy. I just want to see them starve, and maybe they learn….