Let’s talk about democracy

Would you agree if I asked “We all are “democrats” ….?

Do you?..

Let’s see what it means. Democracy means some figures are the “majority” and can decide for all. So let’s talk our “beloved” Germany as example. We have around 80 Millions men in here. Let’s be generous and assume 10 000 000 millions of them are children. They are excluded from every vote. Let’s assume 5 millions are divere foreigners with not voting rights here. So we’re down to around 65 millions. According to the BNN here in BW around 7.8 millions are allowed to vote (with around 14 millions living here) so with all means let’s assume just half the living beengs here can vote. Now how’s it with the majority than?

Now it gets worse. Just around 2/3 of them reall do go voting so we are down to 40 * 2 / 3 = 26.67 millions. Majoritiy? Now let’s see the last voting result CDU around 35 %, FDP around 15% so over all 13,33 millions.

So 13.33 millions do decide for 80 million people. Well I can not see a much poorer picture. Just around 1/8 of the men here, can decide what to do. And it’s getting worse it’s not possible to question their doings. Laws may be abiden , but maybe not. And if you think it can not be worse. There is not way for more than 300 million people to questions the doing of the EU. Because the EU is not a democracy but a partycrocy. (will say just parties of the diverse countries can decide) and then we go down to all member of diverse parties. Which “rule”.

I’m afraid we are have to live after rules from a few thousand people. With hardly a safety net to prevent them intruding our private lifes. These few thousand people have taken all of us hostage and a big machine to shelter them from us. They give orders to those under arms and well they make laws we have to abide to but they don’t. In Germany many laws are just for the “non politicians”….

Even if we’d have Saints as “rulers”. There is the all present threat of using force against you. They make the laws and they own the guns. They will come to your house take and inform you. Well sorry, but this country you own is needed by the “public” you better be prepared to loose it. Oh yes you can try to fight them, but fact is they have stolen things which were owned by the disfunkt GDR. But the original owners did not get back their property. Another always present threat is simply “go-to-jail”. You won’t abide to pay your taxes -> go to jail, you do not want your children in a public school -> go to jail.

So is this a desirable way of “living”. I’m afraid I disagree.

The base of all living together is to
1) abide to the property of anyone
2) contracts.

If you than just add one simple thing. “Don’t do to others, what you do not want to be done to you”. And we are fine. Current politics means “I know what’s best for you and you better follow”..

So is democracy all that good? I happily conclude: “No”. It just can get a bit better if you always can request the actions of your politicians. We do not have this extra in our Grundgesetz, and the current deledefs do no allow us deciding upon our constituition. (Believe it or not our Grundgesetz is just a provisional arrangement).

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