The dangers to Tunesia

One can drive away a dictator and strand in a bigger dictatorship than before.

Especially if one believes in those promising wealth and whatever positive you may like.

Just think about it with care. If you allows religion to be he “guide”, war is inevitable. The seam is seeded, the promises of a better “future” are out. They will tell just with
religion anything will work. If you believe that you lost. If you allow the military to take over you lost also.

There’s but one way to gain something. At first see after stable money, if you believe in promises of plenty of money for everyone, you lost.
If you allow a bureaucracy, you lost.

So there are many ways to loose, and getting it right will be tedious. Fact is:
– If you do not drive away the bureaucrats of your old dictator, you loose.
– If you do not honor property, you loose

You best chance in this crazy times are:
– stable money with real value
– contracts.

See that the contracts of the dictatorship are truly examined. Chances are high that FUD has “done” it’s share of work. Be very careful to
confiscate anything. If you try to find a scapegoat you loose. There’s not just one of it. The establishment of you politicians, military and bureaucracy, must have
been “kind” to you dictator. Otherwise they would not get into those positions. If they got in positions of power, they’ve charged you. If you let them get away with it, you loose.
If you let take revenge the better of you, you loose. However if you do not show that you see the bad things having been done for some or many of you, you loose also.

We in Germany have gone through it some 20 years, ago. The peace is flaky, and the wrong-doers are still in high positions. Millions of people did not get any of their property, but everyone is taxed
to build up the mess of the “socialism”. Among others this is a think people feel as beeing wrong. However the establishment of the lefties, does keep their head up and start again, thinking about a
“democratic socialism”.

You can bet after some years or maybe just months have passed, someone will say: “It wasn’t that bad”…
The establishment will fight you on every occasion, if you do not limit its power, you loose.

It’s an extremely tough time. I wish you all the best.

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