Just and unjust wars?

Well what’s so very special about Lybia? Why is it “ok” to go to war with them but why not to  any other dictatorships?

We all know it can’t e civil rights, because they never were a problem in the past and still ain’t a problem with a lot of other countries.  In front of them all China. We even know civil rights are disputable by the US. Or can anyone see anything else but that with Guantanamo.

Now  you may say: It’s the oil stupid. I’m afraid this does not buy you anything. Lybia always has delivered. So no this seems not to be the reason.

Now let’s ask another way. Who started it all. The French “president” Sarkozy. So now we probably come to the real reasons. At first his party is hard pressed by the NP and his popularity is “gone”.  France has as other European Countries too much debt and the population gets older and older. There are not reserves  and so it seems extending the power of France over their “border” and getting hands on somthing as important as the Oil from Lybia is, you’ve to admit, appealing.

If we consider that Politicians (sorry deledefs) are masters of double-speech and double-think. It all falls into places. You say we must get rid of the dictator and let Lybia get “democratic”. Now in the back he probably think: “and well they better get democratic the  “french” way. You probably can say. “Well we the French will help you build up your society” and you can bet they’ll promise sending money. Money they don’t have but you know we just have to take more credit and all is fine.

In return you may come to an “agreement” which allows some government controlled corporation (France is full of them) to exploit the  Oil fields. And suddenly the pieces fall in place. You get some thing people “want” and desire “oil” and you get money and “more” power and control

This sounds reasonable for the french intentions. It does not explain the participation of the US and GB. But GB seems to always be ready to go to war for whatever reason. Maybe it has something to due with “Britannia rule the world” or  the like. One things the least interested country be the US. But I guess they still think of themselves as the “super power”, they have  not get it that they are “loosing” this status. Too much debt and too far extended war areas have brought down every imperial. Just think of Alexander the “Great”, the Persian, the Mongols, Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Russia, Greek, Rome, Germany, Great Britain, France etc.

No super power ever in the world was able to extend their influence above a certain level. And it seems the US are following this route. They simply can not afford going to war “everywhere” they did loose in Vietnam, and well you can’t say they won in Afghanistan. So yes I think they overstretched their possibilities. But seeing that and accepting it are “different” pair of shoes….

There’ can’t be any doubt that Ghadffi is a dictator int the worse sense. He has oppressed all the citizens but those which currently favour him. However the US, and we all will see that getting rid of a dictator does not mean get rid of dictator ship. For that one needs a “complete” defeat as we’ve seen it in Germany. But still after the WW II many of the “high” rollers get high positions in the “new” country also. You know bureaucrats are unflexible if dealing with people like you an me, but are high flexiblity on whom rules they follow. However the Germans were fed up with the nazis, do we know if the population of Lybia is also?


We also remember the US have supported the fundamentalists in Afghanistan as they were on war with Russia. The same which have started their actions in the US. Al Kaida was obviously financed by much of American money, as they were aimable. They spend their money on weapons and brain-washing. And now the US is trying to defeat them… It’s not unlikely that the rebels are  of the same kind. So it seems the US better had not followed France. I bet even if Ghadaffi has gone, we’ll here from Lybia and “terrorists” again. And that after the failed war in Afghanistan. The politician of US and other countries do not learn…..


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