Just am puzzling there was a survey among the German “politicians” (as you know I prefer to name them deledefs (democratic legitimated defrauders)).
They think their influence is “minimal”. What the hell? Who did us all the “bad” with stupid laws?

And on the other hand. The one member of the Fed places a statement:
I cite:
The Fed, like every other central bank, is powerless to prevent fluctuations in the cost of living and increases of individual prices. We do not produce oil. Nor do we grow food or provide health care.

One can not imagine anything more of lies. The Deledefs crucify us with ridicolous laws (just try to grasp the “idea” and handling of a value added tax) and the FED is the only one who can “print” money. But hey it does not matter, if we raise the money supply by 100 %, than you can not blame us if prices start raising.

Sorry both of them are simple liars. There’s no excuse or something for all the bad they do to us….

Heavens forbid see
and read:

BERNANKE: There really is no problem with raising rates, tightening monetary policy, slowing the economy, reducing inflation at the appropriate time. …

Q: You have what degree of confidence in your ability to control this?

BERNANKE: A hundred percent.

The commenter was right. Perfect double-thing and speak. Just see they can not do anything if prices are raising but hey they can control inflation.

There can’t be more lying.

It’s even worse as I ever could imagine:

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  1. NidStyles

    I love how they can claim it’s not their fault. The 60 minutes interview with Bernanke had him claiming that with 100% certainty he could prevent an Inflation situation after of course he himself turned the economy around. This was of course needed because the Federal Reserve did not have enough power over the economy, and we need to give them more.

    I need to take note of the educational facility that he attended to learn such reasoning skill. Then I need to write them, and then if they could give Mr. Bernanke a refund and revoke his degree.

    Clearly he didn’t learn anything about rational thought there.


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