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Today. One of my sites I visit regularly is:

Today I found this two entries:

Obama’s Medicare Appointee Has Accidental Encounter with Reality, Learns Nothing



and there are at least to more entries about “sense” and “no sense” maybe one should write nonsense, but at least something funny is usually around nonsense.

The points made are the extreme prices for health care (and their raising) and well on the other hand the “debts”. And believe it or not markets are taken as “beeing” efficient will day where there is market there hardly is much inflation, but if there is state induced “social fairness” all hell breaks loose. And guess what. If anyone complains about the debts collected by government and not willing
to allow even more debts, than this one is a terrorist. You can see how far away these guys are from sanity. There is not excuse for such lies. It just shows the path we follow if we believe in
“more government” as a solution.

Fact ist government just life on the expenses of those producing wealth. And states are just there to “lower” wealth. They start with laws, bring in more an more bureaucrats and more and more regulation and more and more ineffician work. Which is just there to keep the bureaucrats busy and show to everyone how important those are. But in fact the bureaucrats live in a world of “no customer” they do not serve anyone but themselves and they influences is just destructive. But then in the TV shows some “bad” thing is shown and then the usual answer is we need more control. It would be simple to just have judges which would sentences those wrong-doers to pay for their wrong-doing. But that does not happen, theay get limits and caps and all this from bureaucrats. And there we go the more bureaucrats the more stupid “laws”. So we are circling upwards in spiral.

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