Why don’t they get it?

Or maybe one should write, why do they do not learn?

More and more european countries want that the EZB starts printing even more money. Well let me ask just one question? What does the US citizens have gained with
their fed printing money? Or what have the GB citizen gained?

Just to give you an idea GB will need new debt of around 100 billions. Now tell me about insanity. Of course the money is not there, and the
government is not able to cut down on it’s expenses? Now tell me about addiction. It should help someone drinking to drink yet another few liters of alcohol a day?
Well is the goal to die early? Or earlier? Or should one get beyond this addiction and get back a life?

Well for alcoholics the goal is getting of the drug. Why should it be different for governments? Their one and only problem since 5 decades is that they were not able to
get along without new debts and what are new bonds? Sugar? No even more of the same debts. So that is insane.

The US and GB and all other countries must come down from their addiction to new credits. No debts not problems. And for us it means we must do everything to not provide the
additives with new stuff. Just do not buy bonds, just insist on sound money. That’s the best for everyone (but parasites) .

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