Circle of manipulation

Ok it’s ranting time.

I’m reading quite few blogs. Most about economics and poltics. Now there is one circle of manipulation/lies
I will break it down into a recurring circle

  1. Claim that markets do not work or that man has to be thought. That economy has to be re-thought.
  2. Make big waves and claim that there is a lack of justice
  3. Make laws, which do hamper markets even more
  4. Go back to 1

It’s a circle which holds for every current state. Be it the USA, some Euro State etc. And then we wonder why it’s getting worse by the hour.
There are such extreme breaks like war and or break-down of socialists states. Which allows the market to escape (but just for a while)

One extremely popular circle of interventions has to to with given countries a “fair chance” on getting out of the self-induced catastrophes. And this goes so. The economists claim they now how to give states chance.One just have to hamper the free trade. They all it control of the capital and very very popular custom duties. They poor markets from wherever have to be saved for big companies. And that’s just possible which taking away the possibility of choosing. The economists do know that is best (free market) but unfortunatly there is never the time that this free markets do what they want them do do. And so just a “temporarily” intermission of the markets is claimed to be needed. Well I guess this temporarily means from now to eternity. That is just snakeoi. The choice of the customer is the only way of deciding. Not any of the strange ideas of wanne-be-we-know.

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