Freedom is just a few nos away

Well you have to use the ‘no’ at proper places. You want a new credit for whatever you like to consume.
Just say no. I do not need that. The bank promises you a 100 % increase in whatever you own? Just say no. The chance that you loose is there and the bank just wins everyt time. You buy a product “specially tailored” for you. You pay. You get a credit for a hous, you pay.

So learn to say no to debts and get rid of all your debts. Start saving (but be aware money on the bank is not your money any more), and stop consuming more than you have. And you will find freedom. It’s this “boring piece of freedom” which just let you sleep well.

So say no to debts and get more free with every debt burden less you have to bear. And you’ll see the light…

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