There is a pay back time

As sure as there is a day after tomorrow for at least another 3 billion years or so, there is a day one has to pay back one debts. There are but two ways to that

1) The pay back takes place
2) the pay back does not take place or is somehow modified.

Fact is: The world is running under a deficit. That means there is more consumed as was produced. That can work and that does not hold forever. So it’s clear the pay back will-  not take place. It now just a question how much theft will be left?

There is but one thing everyone can do about it: Don’t by bonds from states. If you do will surely loose, it may take some time but you will loose. If you spend you money on bonds of productive corporations there always is the chance that the money for pay back can and will be earned.- –  This is not possible for state debts. States can not produce, they just can consume and they just can pay this consumption with theft from every each citizen in their reach.

That’s the base line and nothing can change that. You just can and should act accordingly.

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