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The spiral of interventions

Well now we see another template example of interventions.

Argentina, has obviously left the area of markets due to the “politics” of Mrs Kirchner and her spouse. In a side-note
of the newspaper of my wife I found: Inflation 25% and official course between Peso and $. And what has happened before.

It started with good running exports and higher as usual prices for the exported goods. So far so normal, then comes the Kirchners and what did they do?
They spend this money on welfare (and if there is but one way to get money burned faster, really burn it). This has bought here enough votes (yes the merits of democracy) to
get re-elected. and it has come as it always comes.

The prices for the export goods are falling and she does not have enough money for their “welfare” operations. Well one might think well one must cut them back. That’s normal thinking, but not the
Deledefs way, and so they make more debts (one just can say as usual) and started to make restrictions on free trade. Well if you mess with the markets the only answer there is appears, the prices start
raising. And indeed even the stupid newspaper of my wife at least has to “admit” that inflation is beyond 25%. 25% means in a little over 3 years your property halfs in money value. You can bet the only things raising as fast as inflation are always the all-day-needed goods. And so the poor start paying the bill immediately.

Now the people act logically and try to get rid of the Peso and that means they buy other currencies, and this get the next reaction. Controls on the money export/exchange and indeed this is what Frau Kirchner and the Poligangsters did, they “forbid” exchanging into $ and now $ are scarce and a scarce thing does what? Exactly it raised in Price, now the official exchange rate and the “paid” exchange rate differ around 40%.
Very “appealing”, the members of the parliament (probably of Mrs Kirchners party), do what? They buy more Dollars and they can, so much to “equality” before the law

So the end is coming, and the interventions gets more and more by the hour. People which have gained at least some wealth are not expropriated by the inflation initiated by interventions of the state. The sucker spiral turns faster. I guess within the next 5 years Argentina will fall back below 3rd world level. So dear Argentines, say “thank you” to your deledefs. And bite yourself because of your stupidity.

How does your country handle property rights

It’s quite interesting to see, what place property rights play in any country. There are countries where this is values really high, but there also are countries in which grants on property rights look like an “oversight” or afterrthought. Let’s take Germany, we are infamous for a few things, one of it was the ex DDR. Well there all was own by the “people”, well the people were a round of guys, claiming allrights for them and leave nothing for the rest. The combined it with a yet to be parralleled system of support for thieves throuhg a state security office. Well even we in the Western part have a few strange limits on property right, the most infamous if there is enough of “public interest” people can be disappropriated. It does not even mean that market prices have to be paid. So let’s see e.g. you have a nice piece of land in nowhere land. The “authorities” want to built a highway, well you do not want to sell to them, disappropriation is than an option. Well if you are “clever” enough you see if there isn’t one special kind of animal living on your grounds, because then this disappropropriaton will get much harder. Well it’s not that you are the owner which make is “hard” it’s some kind of “higher” thing like saving some other animal for getting banished.

However the points is. A country not honoring private property is hardly a consittutional state. it’s just a round of maroders backed up by laws initiated and controlled by a point of a weapon. So be aware of such countries, they told you on how high the value “hard honest” work but in the end it’s standing on your ground, pointing a gun to you and sayin. “Well we think you agree you better “cooperate” with us”. Or some such….