How does your country handle property rights

It’s quite interesting to see, what place property rights play in any country. There are countries where this is values really high, but there also are countries in which grants on property rights look like an “oversight” or afterrthought. Let’s take Germany, we are infamous for a few things, one of it was the ex DDR. Well there all was own by the “people”, well the people were a round of guys, claiming allrights for them and leave nothing for the rest. The combined it with a yet to be parralleled system of support for thieves throuhg a state security office. Well even we in the Western part have a few strange limits on property right, the most infamous if there is enough of “public interest” people can be disappropriated. It does not even mean that market prices have to be paid. So let’s see e.g. you have a nice piece of land in nowhere land. The “authorities” want to built a highway, well you do not want to sell to them, disappropriation is than an option. Well if you are “clever” enough you see if there isn’t one special kind of animal living on your grounds, because then this disappropropriaton will get much harder. Well it’s not that you are the owner which make is “hard” it’s some kind of “higher” thing like saving some other animal for getting banished.

However the points is. A country not honoring private property is hardly a consittutional state. it’s just a round of maroders backed up by laws initiated and controlled by a point of a weapon. So be aware of such countries, they told you on how high the value “hard honest” work but in the end it’s standing on your ground, pointing a gun to you and sayin. “Well we think you agree you better “cooperate” with us”. Or some such….

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