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Do voters appreciate honesty?

I’m wondering, is this the case? If one sees for whom they voted, it seems the answer is “maybe”.
AFAIKT Obama has lied. He promised to close Guantanamo but still this violation of human rights is still functional.
I do not even start talking about his slogan “Yes we can”. The base is Obama has not shown any particular strength in economic knowledge.

He still believes in the magic of the printing press and has nothing to show for paying back the few trillions of debts of the US.

So overall he has lied in more than one way and still one considers voting for them. That means honesty is not what is expected from Politicians.

But if one prefers to be lied at one gets only liars voted. Will this make your live easier?

An embarrassing conclusion

Ok, the Germans do deserve the politicians, we currently have. However a small minorty does not give in. They are just right and the others are wrong.

Why I can’t be that sure? Well our minister of defence was a Doktor, but it was found out that he has used others people work without proper citing. That is simply
defraud. Anyway nearly 2/3 of the Germans do not see a defraud as a reason for a resignment. And so there are such and such people and such and such politicians

Some are more equal. Still injustice stil is injustice, and so the 1/3 of the Germans are right. I wonder who this 1/3 are. I’m one of them for sure. But I could imagine that are those who “earn” their money. I doubt it very much for the other 2/3. If it is acceptable to them that a title captured by lies is not a reason to resign. That would give a very dark picture of Germany, it would mean honest people are “overtaken” by bandits.Well if I follow the last few years one can conclude: “Well yes “we” deserve such criminals…”