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Sparkles of sanity?

Beyond any sanity:

Just the first question.
“How does it feel to be of the same sex as Donald Trump”

Now nothing I could not counter as idiotic/stupid/insane
“How does it feel to be of the same sex als the mother of Merkel/Schäuble/Stalin/Lenin/Mao/Obama/Hitler/any one you do not like?”

Sorry I’m a bit mad about that crap questions…

Tell me lies, sweet little lies

The deledefs currently seem to rotate. Well this time I will not speak of the stupidity of americans to vote between two dead-bets, but the European masters of stupidity.

Europe should guarantee the saving deposits of their people. I can reduce it to one question: With what? They do not have anything of substance and
the only think they can is tax the people. So the deposits are guaranteed with “the money of the people”. How unreal is that.

I calculate for Germany and there 20 % of the deposit holders own roughly around 3.2 trillions. And our official debt is a little over 2 trillions. How much more unreal can things get?
If every German would hold a saving deposit the guarantee would have to cover 8 trillions The complete deposits of all Germans are a littel over 4 billions. How much worth can this “guarantee” have?

If 10 % of the top deposit holders would request their money from the banks, the game would be over. So you can see see rich are very social. They let themselves get robbed and still
hold together all the crap….. I wish they would end this farce…

Too much money

on it’s way. Well and it comes as it has to. The prices are on the raise. Be it metals, food, oil etc.
Another push towards new bubbles will be the fact that bonds will not raise any more, and if they can not raise they will start to fall.

If you get between 0.5% – 2,0% interest you hardly will be appealed to buy more bonds. And so you will start buying anything else.

And here we go. Oils up, metals are up, shares are up. And what does the EZB, dispite an inflation rate well beyond 2%? It keeps the discount
on historical lows. Now avalanches work the same way. At first there is some snow it gets more and more and down in the valley death is inevitable.

We do not have a snow avalance but an “money” avalanche. So we all will end much worse than before. No-one of the current
leaders stands up against it. They are just afraid, and so the repeat the same fault over and over and over again…

See our Bundeskanzlering. She’s now for a european econimic policy. This means even less control through the population. Nowehere is any
treaty of our rights. We can not question nor sue the current deledefs and so it’s the deledefs land of plenty. No control, but having all EU cititzens as hostages.
Brave new world was Kindergarten in comparison.

déjà vu

Who does remember?


Just a bit over 2 years ago. Paulson demands 700 billions to his disposal. He got it and the US sunk a few other trillions in “bailing” out.


Now see Baroso and Trichet. There is an illiegal safety chute for the EU (up to 750 Billons) and what do they demand?






Guess once.






Guess twice





They (Baroso and Trichet) fear a much more stressed Euro. And it just can be relieved by getting




Guess once again




mo’ money

Insanity ? Sure. sustainable, no. Good idea? no, Will they get the money, you can bet they will.