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FDP on it’s way out?

I’m puzzling. Yesterday the probably most important meeting of the FDP has took place. It seems the current point of view is:
“Keep on going, don’t change anything”.

Last vote the FDP got roughly around 15%

During the last two years they have given up nearly everything what can be remote attached to “liberal”. Result in surveys the FDP just gets below 5%.
So I’m quite impressed that going down the drain is that good a way.

I was thinking, that one might see the results of the last votes, and think about why one has seen such results. I was once a supporter of the FDP but after such years, one
can not name the FDP a “liberal” home any more.

It’s kind of sad but liberal in Germany means everything but liberal. It does not mean see that you get along yourself, take your gains take your losses. No it means kind of socialism for the “rich”.
So liberal means “if it went well” take your gains if something turns out bad. Well take the tax payers as hostages. Very “liberal” …