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France may like to end the “german Vorherrschaft”

Well on is for sure, the French do think of themselves as a grand nation and I guess we Germans are not that loved.

That has quite a bit of potential. Let’s hope that Hollande will win, and so France will like to end the EU experiment. And well if in doubt. “Blame the Krauts”.
And indeed Hollande started this sound. I guess we Germans should not be too suprised.

I do not wish the socialists in France anything good. I just hope they got that kind of hell they seem to prefer. I’m sorry about the last liberals west of the Rhine.
They will have to pay the bill. Everyone but the Deledefs know that they can not generate value. And so they are a waste, and someone has to pay for this wasting.
That are the rests of productive workers.

So with Hollande we have higher chance that France will break down under itself and a Euro without France, well, that might get “interesting”. But well better we end this
socialists Euro sooner than later…. Let the French live and do as they like, let’s just hope nobody else has to pay….

Dear French

Well chosen. I guess you are as fed with the Euro and EU as I’m. You decided it’s time to
dive down into socialism and a “great” Nation of France.

So vote for socialist an communist is a very proved way to dive down in poverty. And after this poverty come the markets.
So you want a breakdown with a new beginning. That’s one way of doing it.

I’d qualify this way as the dumb way. But well a nation with such a fine history of absolutism, probably has exactly the politicians who want to get there. And you prefer that over something else. So be it.

An intelligent answer would of course be the complete different. You would have send all the Deledefs to hell, shrink your bureaucracy and the power of you elites. Would stop stealing on such a large scale and give
market and the buyers there choice. But I guess one need to have a certain kind of intelligence to see that. So you voted for the crude way. I don’t wish those who have voted for that way luck, I spare that for

Those few liberals in your country which surely will have to suffer the most. Because they are the people who do not drown in debts. To those I say. I’m sorry for you and wish you all the luck. And I’m arrogant enough to suggest them
starting to get their money out of their country and put it into real values elswhere. If France will be cheap to come back. And maybe this time you get some head start (I’m afraid that will just be it a “head” start because after a while the dumb other
voters will vote again to steal more from you) But liberals never have a “real” home. Freedom just wanders along and with it the supporter of freedom. I guess that is what one names fate…..

Socialism at work

Well yes it is still at work, and getting stronger by the day.

  1. the SPD wants a stability and growth union in europe (that’s newspeech for, we want to gain more control and put all in misery, but pst don’t tell anyone)
  2. the dictatorship gets into another round in Russion. Putin Medwedew are just chaning positions.
  3. The USA and GB are heading for a new war in Iran
  4. Last and least the FDP member do not vote against all this socialism, and those who do not vote against it are working for it

Overall it’s getting worth every hour. It’s as if the leaders want to go to war again, just for their survival….

FDP on it’s way out?

I’m puzzling. Yesterday the probably most important meeting of the FDP has took place. It seems the current point of view is:
“Keep on going, don’t change anything”.

Last vote the FDP got roughly around 15%

During the last two years they have given up nearly everything what can be remote attached to “liberal”. Result in surveys the FDP just gets below 5%.
So I’m quite impressed that going down the drain is that good a way.

I was thinking, that one might see the results of the last votes, and think about why one has seen such results. I was once a supporter of the FDP but after such years, one
can not name the FDP a “liberal” home any more.

It’s kind of sad but liberal in Germany means everything but liberal. It does not mean see that you get along yourself, take your gains take your losses. No it means kind of socialism for the “rich”.
So liberal means “if it went well” take your gains if something turns out bad. Well take the tax payers as hostages. Very “liberal” …


I posted on my outside Mises log. about good news and bad news.
The good news a lot of politician get stuck, unfortunatly this was a state they won’t stay in a bit longer.
However they came back and now what’s the discussion:
“Subsidies for carriers”.

I posted this before the talked about it

Well I never ever go any pay-back for flights and I had to pay for my tickets. Now I have to pay for non-existant tickets.
The profits are somwhere in the carrier itself and/ar at their stockholders. Now I have to bear the losses also, another step on
our way to “privatize” profits and nationalize losses.

I can not understand this sort of economical suicide. Why couldn’t the carriers setup reserves? Why am I supposed to pay for every larger corporation getting into trouble?

The root of all evil

I’d come more an more to the conclusion that politicians are the root of nearly all evil.

Or Gooddoers like our churces which there impertinents insisting that all men are in principal evil. From where does this sin believing come?

How comes that politician do not see the bad things they do? How comes  that burocrats  insist that the only way to  more “justice” is´
yet another layer of buroaucrats? All  experiments to educate the “new better men” have failed. All experiments with socialism have failed…

But  over and over again it’s tried to proof this wrong. Is it really the case that we men think that we know what’s better for our fellow man. Why do people claim that the fantastic
successes of free trade are just “by accident”? Can anyone tell me why I should trust federal authorities to not harm me? How many men have died becaue of the most
obscure reaons like, racial superiority, intelligence or whatever. Do we men enjoy harming others?

How comes that people over and over again, claim “liberalism can not work”,  dispite the outcomes of “more liberal times”?