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If you think you are the smartest around

JoNova Europe

Then you are probably in for some mockery. We have it with our national team and we have it with the most stupd energy policy in the whole world. All that costs tons of money for nor good and so we get poorer every day. In no country on this earth are Politicians you friends but in Germany they are definitly foes.

May be

but maybe not. At first the surprise must take place. Then the voted for have to do what they wanted to. And then there is Germany – unfortunatly-  – and the surprise will not heat Germany. In Germany I’M certain with around 70 % that it’ll be CDU/CSU/SPD again maybe even the greens will take part.

The interesting questions in Germany are just. How much for the greens and how much for the Afd. CDU and SDP Both will use at least (IMHO 5-7%) to the AfD. So I’s sure we Germany will get really ripped of the next 2-3 years or so.


Yesterday was a good day

Finally German-´y was downgraded. We deserved a much higher downgrade, but it’s hopefully the start to end
this miserable “social market economy (well this is an euphemism I know it it pure socialism at work)

Anyway neither the US nor Germany deserve an AA- they deserve maximal a grade which states.
“will pay for it debs for at least a while”. Every Austrian see the marks of the end coming. They just need one look
Fiat-money and debt, and they know who is doomed. We Germans are the US is and many other countries are also

The sad but true answer is: There is not one country on this whole world with sound money. So the “social democrats” are the old, and current plague.

Some A-s are rolling

Now some of the too many A-s ar egone. At least for Austria, France, But imagine not for Germany.

Not that France and Austria do not deserve loosing this top-rating, but Germany had has to loose it also.

And just taking away one A is way too less. The US has increased it’s debts over 70 %. If you look into “This time is different” another 17% are lurking.
In that book they figured out bank crisis led to 87% more debt on average. Well the question of course is why do they not simply let the banks fall.

Now in the eyes of the deledefs this is a very bad idea. Because banks are holding and distributing bonds of states. And so they are “very” interested in banks which
can pick up one and/or the other billion of banks of now comes the madness, bankrupt states. And this they are all. Be it Germany, France, Greece, Italy, Portugal, China, Japan, the US.
They all have one in common they are broke.

Of course they will no admit it and you can bet it’s not the responsibility of the deledefs. Well that’s another big lie. But I guess I don’t have to tell you.

What can you do about it ? Well you still can vote, so vote wisely. All the candidates will go on with this debt spiral, but Ron Paul. If anyone will cut into the government game of thinking money I think
Ron Paul is it. Obama still does not have learned anything, and so haven’t all his advisors. We do not speak about the criminal organization for the money monopoly euphemistic named Fed. Of course no-one can hinder them
printing money, but doing so is stealing from those having saved money. Every other organization stealing is “criminal” and I don’t make a difference here. The wrong-doing of the FED is criminal. But I think you know
that I see central banks as the “central” problem. All this debts could not get that large with money as value instead of money as debt. The paper money make it easy for FED and government to
steal. Again the only one wanting to end the fed is Ron Paul.

Another thing you should consider according to von Mises the bust is the cure and the boom the disease. So trying to prolong the boom, means prolonging the disease. It’s not too less debt that is the problem. It’s a system which
just works and bredes debt. It seems they deledefs think there is a base human right for government to make debts. No it is not. It’s just stealing. There is not other word for it. States can not produce they can’t do anything to raise the
wealth of countries. The can drive countries bankrupt that’s what they surely can. Just see above. The only think states can do to not decrease wealth is going out of the way. And just watching over property rights and contracts. But states do
go beyond that they make laws that limit liabilities. So BP does not have to pay for all the destruction which it has brought over all in the Gulf while they were unable to stop the oil leakage. All this is against property rights, but they do not name it such.

Another thing you can do is: “Do not give any more credit to any governmental institution” It still is your money and you do not have to lend it to defrauders. So don’t do it please.” Let them fall for their own faults. That’s “just”.

Lybia and Syria

Well “nice” to see if two do the same it’s not the same.

Ghadaffi kills his population and all but a few come with planes and bombs.

Assad kills his population and it’s not even mentioned.

I wonder what will happen if the population will walk the streets in Germany and USA. Maybe in Germany we start another war for “freeing” the poor population?

One can not believe this. The most important thing yesterday has been some totally unimportant wedding but the killing of a few dozens or even hundreds. Who cares?


Anyone here who could tell me why it’s ok to request that others have to pay for one others ideas?
And why it’s not ok, to ask that one’s payments should be to one’s own preferences?

Why is it ok to ask for “justice” and mean “take that and that away from those, those or those”?

I simply can not understand why government can use force against me to “get” my money or my property.

How can it be ok that governments talk about “tax presents”. It’s impossible.

Or why can one say higher taxes are “more” just. Or how can anyone dare to think that subsedies are “deserved”?

Is there anyone who can be named “better”, and such better that he/she can do all kinds of wrong-doings and still be right?

How can one believe that government could be “just”. Just see it happens you live right of the Rhine, then you are German, your are left of the Rhine and you are French, Everyone here in BW has more in common with anyone in Elsass than with some Germans somewhere in the north. Elsass was a few times German and a few times French. And still if you go over there the laws suddenly change. One of the most complex constructs are the “taxes” in the European country. So it’s terrible expensive to get that all “straight. How comes the notion of nations is that “omnipresent”, how comes that in the name of your “fathers country” or motherland every cruelty can be “justified”.

FDP on it’s way out?

I’m puzzling. Yesterday the probably most important meeting of the FDP has took place. It seems the current point of view is:
“Keep on going, don’t change anything”.

Last vote the FDP got roughly around 15%

During the last two years they have given up nearly everything what can be remote attached to “liberal”. Result in surveys the FDP just gets below 5%.
So I’m quite impressed that going down the drain is that good a way.

I was thinking, that one might see the results of the last votes, and think about why one has seen such results. I was once a supporter of the FDP but after such years, one
can not name the FDP a “liberal” home any more.

It’s kind of sad but liberal in Germany means everything but liberal. It does not mean see that you get along yourself, take your gains take your losses. No it means kind of socialism for the “rich”.
So liberal means “if it went well” take your gains if something turns out bad. Well take the tax payers as hostages. Very “liberal” …

Our minister of finance

He’s really a babe.

Just imagine, we Germans have not lost anything because of the Euro, we are “even” richer than ever before. Very well, he’s right to some extend. We have
more nice and colorful banknote. We need them dearly because if you go just for buying a few edibles. Oh, yes we are a unthankful rat pack. We did not wanted the Euro as it was introduces (at leat most did not want it) but now we are just unfair….

Oh, yes you can’t beat delebets on betraying. They alway have the upper hand. Fair enough, a normal citizen goes to jail while defrauding, a politician gets promoted.

That’s the delebets land of plenty. Plenty of citizens to abuse, plenty of money to make nice and cuddly fire places. There is nothing like the smell of burning money, there’s just one thing more satisfying for that kind of people, the smell of burning flesh….

Of you think I’m angry, or even sarcastic. Well you can bet I am.

Simple but legendary

Well I do not know how many of you can associate Ludwig Erhardt with something. However a books published in 1957 and now in it’s eights or so edition. Still is
as actual and valid as before. The most prominent example:
“Price stability should be considered a base human right”

Why is that simple but legendary. Well money is the mean to freeze demands. If anyone just spends all he/she has, nothing is left for investing. So someone must
have act economical sound, such that he/she can afford not to spend all one’s money. Now this money is earned at a certain point in time. And in that certain point in time the money has it’s “original” value. Now what happens while prices are not stable? It’s simple work in the past is devalued. How? Well simple the if money looses half it’s value in let’s say 10 years. The original save has been betrayed. And look into the big inflations. You always will see the honest man living withing it’s bounds was betrayed. And especially in Germany who was responsible for this. Well in every war people should buy bonds, but this is just to make those keen on having war more or less happy. And well because they have the guns they do not argue about it they just make a law which demands that all the money has to be put into “war bonds”. Well they will be named differently probably. But it’s for stealing money of worth and living the creditors with the vague hope of economic recovery.

Well after war there is alway economic recovery but it’s not that the governements will ever pay back their debts. They will do currency cuts, deevaluate the old debts and isssue new worthless money. As long as they have the power to play with our values that way, any hope of improvements are vain. So how does your country handle price stability?

See what happens in hyperinflations. See how poor one can get if money is no longer worth anything. There is not better way to ruin any country but through ruining their money.

Now 60 years later this is still a simple truth. But it’s also legend.

Politicians = actors?

in some bad or worse movies? Well we had once an ex-actor as President, but currently it seems we just have actors no politicians any more.
Sarkozy tries to hide away with all the bad things and corruptoin while mass-deporting Roma to Romania. Well so far so bad. But then
he claims he has spoken to our chancellor Merkle. But she does not know of anything. So one of them is lying. Because of other decisions of Sarkozy, my guess is that
it is him. Well sometimes other countries have even worse deledefs than we have. But the race is tight, I guess we’ll hit back very hard some time soon.

So stay tuned to the “wonderful” world of Deledefs, and you know this stories will be continued….

Yet another few billions

Well maybe you know the book with the title “the never ending story”. Well we have a political follow-up to it. It’s called
HRE. The German have sunk (officially around 100 Billions) into it from 2008 till yesterday. And suprise out of the blue another 40 billions are at stake.

That makes up an astonishing 140 billions for just one bank. Our whole budget is around
Einnahmen 2010: 239.600.000.000,00 (income)
Ausgaben 2010: 325.400.000.000,00 (expenses)
Defizit 2010: 85.800.000.000,00 (new debt)

Davon für Verteidigung 31,1 Mrd, Arbeit u Soziales (inklusive Zuschuss in die Rentenkasse) 146,8 Mrd, Schuldentilgung und Zinsen 40,4 Mrd.

So 2/3 of the whole income of 2010 was sunk into HRE till today.
And guess what the budget for work and “social stuff” is 146,8 Billions.

Let’s get it to down to more comprehensable figures. If you’d earn 3000 EUR/Month. 2000 of it would have to be spend on losses.

Welcome to deledefs land of plenty. Plenty of other peoples money…..

What is the correct spelling for GM?

Since a few days ago I thought GM stands for Gerneral Motors, but I’m afraid I was wrong about it. I think it means “Great Manipulator” really.
Here are the reasons:
1) promising tons of money for retirements, which have proofed to be unbearable, GM has gone bankrupt and now the governement has to “guarantee” the retirement payments (IIUC)

2) GM has black-mailed all EU governements to pay subsedies for Opel factories. Well at least the German minister for economy has simply refused it and guess what has happened. GM will get along WITHOUT subsedies or debt-gurantees.

Well this was the first time in two years that the black-mailing has not worked. I wish it hadn’t worked likewise 2 years ago.

After a while

I’m back. But well what has changed really. Nothing which could be considered an improvement. The raid is on it’s way. Laws written just 10 years ago broken be
deledefs. And so on. Money still is fiat-money and they try to drown the EU and US with even more cheap money. The FDP has given up any idea of liberalism, and the
most liberals have stepped down from their positions. Just 3 of the FPDler have voted against or not voted at (all, because of support for the “party”) breaking laws.

Astonishingly enough the only other votes against, breaking laws were caste by the “Linke”. Well this is the only “small” suprise, just as long as you see it
was against the “capitalistic parties”. Well I guess they would not hesittate to sign the next compulsory acquisition for banks or other “large” corporations. Or maybe they like to re-establish nationally-owned enterprises. Or any “nicecities” one is used to in dictatorhips.

Maybe this time they would be just a bit more clever and “let” people own their own stuff, but with “appropriate” taxes. Why not extra taxes as e.g they have for fuel (> 75 %)…

I’m quite sure our other parties like CDU, SDP, Greens, etc will look for such kind of “saving”. Time has taught, that expecting anything good from politicians (sorry deledefs) is a very stupid move.

So what should one write any longer, the things were written down in the past, they were rewritten in the late past and the might get rewritten in the future. But those for whom
it applied will go on with “their” way. It will be the road to perdition, burglary, black-mailing, more laws to punish the still producing work-forces….

Yes, you got it. I’m very pessimistic about the learning ability of our deledefs. They will do their best and beyond to drive us all back into misery. And if you just look into recent history you’ll see, such kind of “disruptions” won’t get away without violence. War is not unlikly, actually we’re in war. It’s politican and bureaucrats against every soul longing for freedom. Therfor I just can ask you again to harm the current governements, especially in the EU, and US as much as you possibly can. Don’t exaggerate or the will simply jail you, use the last “standing” laws as best as you can. Just start supporting “freedom” fighters….

something stupid from Germany

Well it may not suprise you, but our deledes are working on the next stupidity or perfidity.
A global tax on financial transactions. You can hear the “mone” laugh and “run”?
How big chances are that e.g the USA agree on this. Well how about any other country world-wide.
What would be the problem for the rest of bigger money in Germany to emmitgrate?

And how many would “forget” about Germany sooner or later? Well they want to hit the “speculants” but
those will simply go elsewhere. And who will pay for this in the end. Every single Germany citizen. Suddenly a lot of money and “demand”
simply has gone. We’re not talking about a few hundred Euros ,but billions of it. How “difficult” is it to open a bank account anywhere in the world?

Fortunatly not all countries value “german laws” and or european law, let’s hope this will stand the tests of time…

I have a suggestion about what you should read (or read again). Do not got but run and fetch “Atlas shrugged”. and get a copy
of “Human action” from von Mises too. See how Ayn describes this “fights” of bureaucrats. See how the “unproductive” be the nails in the coffin for
the others. Let’s hope the “productive” find their Shangri-La as they did in Atlast shrugged somewhere in a valley of the Rocky mountains. Let’s hope someone
find this valley for us.

now you even got it black on white

the Raid is on it’s way. Only if the Bundesverfassungericht stops this deledefs, things can have a positve turn.
My last message about Investors now is all too true. You may make contracts with german governement, but don’t count
that they will stick to it. If it fits them, they may try to seize it from you.

Howerver even in the darkest hours of younger german history, there are politicians and not just thieves. Thos who have named it as it is, defrauding, and
which have say no. There ain’t much of them, but maybe one day in the future they will be the majority.

It will not be the Germany we know. It will be different, but surely better (well it hardly can get get much worse, but maybe they take from the former
DDR regime and maybe they will name thos who will try to leave this rat hole as “refuggees of the “republic”. Well I really don’t know if
one can translate “Republikflüchtige” that way.

I once liked the EUR, the rules were clear and it seemed the EUR could get more stable as any fiat-money before. But it’s was just “wishful-thinking”. Fiat money can
never have value nor ever will persist. It will always be an instrument to oppression it will alway be a symbol of arbitraryness of politcians. Our deep distrust for “too” much state just gets’ s fuelled over and over again. The worst countries currently are the EU, and the US, China, Japan. So there’s not much goodness left. And ones knows from history how that things turned out in the end. They
always end in some war and misery (if you are lucky you may survive).

Politicians again (again in Germany also)

what suprise. A German who wrote about German (In)Politicians.

Another round of impertinence. Now I don’t know what fuel prices are in other countries, I just know  them from France and Germany, and especially
for Germany ;-). Ok now let’s see price is around 1,40 €/l.. However that’s just half the truth if you now that more than 75 % are taxes. Well  you have at least a few taxes
on it. At first it’s a fuel tax and after that all an VAT extra (another 19%). So  prices would be around  60-70 ct/l. Now who cries the loudest  about “high” fuel price? You have one guess free.

That’s what one can expect from politicians, FUD, and nothing more. If there is no enemy around, they construct one. If there is political nonsense around, well they will  find someone else to blame and if that doesn’t help they will pile another layer of bureaucracy upon this political nonsense, and they will try to explain that with rationality.

Politicians (in this case Geman ones)

Now a new level  of insanity.

I wrote about the CD with thought-to-be-tax-defrauders. Now there’s new level of insanity.

At first the CD should be bought and after that there should be a new law established which makes this buy illegal.

You don’t believe me.  I do not even believe it myself but it’s written here,4193742

The title says: law against data theft

But in the middle one can read:

“Zuvor wird der Bund allerdings die in Baden-Württemberg und anderen Bundesländern aufgetauchten Steuersünder-Daten “

Read: “Before the state governement will buy the CD of tax-defrauders which have occured in Baden-Württemberg or other states”

They want to make illegal what they are first doing and for which they are paying high sums.




Getting the figures straight

Just found. The assets of the Deutsche Bahn are estimated at around 150 Mrd EUR. Now let’s assume the DB is there now for 60 years.

The new debts of German in 2019 are 100 Mrd (currently, still open to higher values, unlikely to be lower). So our Politicians just destrory something 

the Germans have paid for 60 years in just 2 years. This is so unbelievable that I hope someone can proof this figures wrong.

And again we have robber : people 100 :0….



Making it into the headlines

Well two things. I wrote abotu it in my other blog but Mises hast taken it also:

This is about homeschooling and the impossibility to do it in Germany. Shame on us.

Here’s another story: The governement was offered a CD or DVD with data from supposed to be

delinquent taypayers, you can even name it more sharply suppsed to be defrauders.

I guess not much here know that we had a scandal here 15 or so years ago about illegal donations, accepte by our

chancellor Kohl itself.


Now guess what the governement is going to do with the CD and the “chancellor”

you are allowed to make one guess ;-(




Sometimes you find interesting blogs

Here’s one extra, not escpecially political but just read the entries:


It can be no suprise to anyone. Where customer demands can meet  suplliers offerings without artificial craddles, things

can grow and flourish, if you hinder free trade, prices can not go down. One side always limts the possiblitiy of “lowering”.

Just see the prices for work, they can not fall below some level. Just see the prices in Germany for Fuel. They have to bear

> 80 % taxes, so prices are extra-ordinarily high, the same is true in France. Just guess where people near the border to Switzerland do

fill up their cars….

Where prices are artificially kept high, there will be some way to get around them.