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SPD revealed

Ok, now it was states. The SPD strives for a “new economy” with much more influence of the governement. What “exiting” news. We can prepare ourselves to drive down the path of prosperity, honesty etc. It will be more important to get the proper jobs at the governement. Eh wait what was this story about Greece. To get a nice paid job you better have good political connections. So hurray, this is it. Greece is bankrup, let’s follow them.

And you remember the governement controlled HRE. Again you just have to work 1.5 years for it at the proper position (surely anyting below CEO is out of discussion for a merited old SPD guy/ (sorry don’t know the proper guy in feminine form) you can get a longlife retirement payment of just above 15000 EUR /month. Yes read that figure out loud, enjoy.

Germany is still a nice place for living, it would be much nicer without all those deledefs…