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How does QE come into “life”

I’m wondering. I could not find the first mention of this “anti-word”

Can anyone give me a hint?

Wikipedia suggests: So it was “born” in Japan. And well AFAIKT it does not have worked that well, or am I mistaken?

For me QE is just printing money under different words.

Another question in this regards. Does anyone know of a country which does not have Fiat-money? It seems that at least in the US the pendulum swings back to “better ” money. Currently the defenders of the worthless fiat-money
are supressing other solutions. But know: “First they laugh at you, then they they fight you, then you win” or the like. I do not know when this card-house of bad money willl crumble, but it’s not a question if any more it’s just how long will we have to suffer…..