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Where not to invest?

Well now it’s official, existing contracts are changed by states if they wan to. You do not believe me? Well check what Greece does to it’s private debtors. So how could you expect that this won’t be done by every country if the debts are too heavy? You can’t, so you better do not “invest” in bonds of states. Their value is not known to you and may change if the defrauders decide that they won’t serve their obligations.

The whole fiat-money systems are just playgrounds for gangster and bankster. So I would also do not invest in bank shares or bank bonds.

Anyway if you think I’m a stupid bastard, feel free to ignore my suggestions. I wish you all the luck, you’ll need it.

Kind of funny

well of course what is fun is in the eye of the beholder. However here in Germany someone has said something again forgeigner.
Agreed we have the most negative record of all countries in that regard. However if you state simply trues you are rassist?

This can’t be right. Just see around in AUS/NZ/USA and you see some foreigners prefer to stay among themselves. And well what else but
hanging around together are the China Towns?

Well as a libral you should not bother whom stick to whom. But it’s not something one has to be ashamed of to a request that people living in
a country have to speak the country language.

However this is not the point the point is how the “good people” react on such simple trues. They really start howling and crying. And the best is
claiming that nobody is allowed to speak that way. And now we got it there must obviously a Ministery of Truth and the Good people must lead.

That really is a shame. They ask for free speech but oviously only for themselves. Other people rights? Who cares. It must be PC speak and good speech.
Orwell would have loved it.