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I’ve written it over and over again

Self defence is a human right. if government fobid means to that end they are breaking basic human rights. In this case – the right to live. There’s nothing worse than that. It just say-  we think you life is worthless or at least you do not deserve to defend it by-  yourself.

Well countered

Christian Lies

Indeed solidiers do not fight for the “nation”. They are there to do the dirty work for the current leaders. It’s especially disturbing if christians idolize man/women which are the to murder.

It’s of course ok to defend yourself. But any soldier outside the US does not defend anything from his own country. He’s just there to supress and kill others. Never ever should the US citizens have allowed to bring their soldiers out of the USA. Even the world wars are not exception. Americans were not under thread and if they really would have done something good, they would have helped the haunted of the nazi regime. Well I guess something has been done, but that surely could have been much more.

The idea that the USA fights for “civil rights” world-wide is a kind of sarcastic joke.

I think I’ve made it very clear

that I do not think that our government works for us any longer. And so it seems there will be not much left in the nearer future.

Well the only really thing government should do is keeping it’s citizens free for force against them. But what if the government is the only bearer of force against one’s own population and/or even visitors?

Sometimes one needs to use force to save one’s life. It seems the time has come that you have to defend yourself with any means against your government. Let’s see are there any trials on their way about the total surveillance of the NSA on virtually every one?

If not, let me ask why not? Well I guess the answer is you can not trust the judges any more, or at least you can not expect that they keep to the constitution. Unfortunately I and I guess many others have come to the following conclusion. The USA turns out to be the 4th Reich more and more. There is no party left in the USA which helds up the flag for freedom, liberty or the individual. It’s we against anyone else and the we is getting smaller by the day.

It’s not my way to ask for force against anyone, but to me it seems that any citizen which now acts with violence against the states is doing it in self-defence. I think I won’t see the policeman any more as “help” against the criminals but defenders of the criminals. That’s a very devastating outlook… So it’s time to demand back our freedom and rights to live from the government.

My speech and writing is not very sophisticated, it’s as simple as do what you say and say what you do. So here I have something for the bureaucrat (sorry assholes) in the world.