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Politicians (in this case Geman ones)

Now a new level  of insanity.

I wrote about the CD with thought-to-be-tax-defrauders. Now there’s new level of insanity.

At first the CD should be bought and after that there should be a new law established which makes this buy illegal.

You don’t believe me.  I do not even believe it myself but it’s written here,4193742

The title says: law against data theft

But in the middle one can read:

“Zuvor wird der Bund allerdings die in Baden-Württemberg und anderen Bundesländern aufgetauchten Steuersünder-Daten “

Read: “Before the state governement will buy the CD of tax-defrauders which have occured in Baden-Württemberg or other states”

They want to make illegal what they are first doing and for which they are paying high sums.