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Another 12 billions on their way

The highest court in Germany will start “thinking” about the lawsuits tomorrows. This were initiated a year ago before the first money was transferred. Just imagine you know a defrauder, he is caught and one year “nothing” happens. That’s the situation of the “greece helpers”. It’s illegal, it’s against the no-bailout clause. and guess what nobody cares.

In fact Germany violates the treaties for the Eu convergence critera. Just hat anyone can remember. 1) not more than 60% debt of the GDP, b) not more than 3% new deficits a year. Nearly no-one fullfilles this things and what happens? Exactly nothing. Greece is beyond 150% new debt of the GDP and probably that’s the most after Japane which over 200% debt /GDP.

Just imagine you will among the richest men in Germany with 12 Billions. Probably among the top ten earner. And at the top of this earners Aldi stands. And they exist for now 50 years. So the worth of 50 years of work and service to the people gone today. For scammers. And still the same responsible for the scam are in charge in Greece. Everything they have done was lying and stealing but giving them more money is without alternative?

good news?

I’m puzzling, Why is it good news that the US shutdown did not take place? They still have an insane budget deficit and the only thing they’ve agreed upon is written on some sheet
of paper.

We’re still talking about a deficit at or around 1 trillions. I calculated once how much this will cost in the future. And this money is not invested just “spend”. Spend for the current obligations of government.
There still are enormous amounts of money needed just to pay the “promises” like pension payments etc.

If we “break” it down to private people it’s that they needed new credits just to pay their eating bills. And there’s nothing left for uncertainties. You get ill or layed of? Well too bad, just ask for more credit.
So I can not the the success. It does not show how desperate the situation really it is. It’s just a message that everything goes on (bad) as usual.

Still all the money is sunk in diverse wars, and sunk into the most jails world-wide. The unemployment rate is not change “automagically” and people just get older and older. And just a few get all the money.
So where’s the good news really?

Separation of powers the “political understanding”

Well strange things are happening in EU land. As you might know the political guidelines are initiated from
a commission of the EU. If I understand it correctly ministers of the diverse EU countries are part of this commission.
But this commision never ever was elected, in an open ballot. You’d might thing how does that work democracy and
“ruled by commisson” I think this is irreconcilable. And even worse this commison also are the only ones which can go to court for
their own decided rules. So we have the no separation at all. If I follow my doom or failure path. I’d say this gives
at least a – 90 (so our countries are doomed). Well it does not look all too bright for the EU countries.

Once we had politicans acting qute responsible, but I’m under the impresson this times have past. Is it really a “fact” that democracy turns into a
Ochlocracy sooner or later?

Well I’m under the impression that too much truth lays in that path. Just see how this “politicians” currently act. They decide on laws but do break them without
any qualms. And here in Germany many laws are decided which don’t apply to the politicians itself. E.g we have laws for healt insurance, but civil servant and therefor also
politicians are excluded. They get private health care. Now if the “rulers” rule with laws which do not apply to them. What else could be the result than more and more arbitrariness ?

I think it’s highest time to get rid of this “rat pack”….

Much trouble ahead

Ok now it’s “nearly” done the great Country Pontzi Scheme goes on. The EU will decide (whith high likliness) that 110 MRD new credits
will be given to Greece. Germany alone has to “bear” 28 MRD. Interstingly enough the first number has been 8 MRD now within 14 days
we get an 350 % increase. Currently Germany has to get new debts to pay for old ones. Now how long can such a thing persist?

Ah yes there are treaties which mean. Live within your financial bounds. But they are not even worth the paper they’re written on. As a a single person you
do not have the slightes chance to go to court for such things.

Because of all this I invented (maybe someone else has done it before ) a new term for politicions. In Germany it’s delebets, in Englilsh it probably will be
DEmotracic LEgitimized DEfrauders. Soo its deledes. I’d prefer to use this term in the future. I’d encourage you to use it also if you seem it fit.

Politicians (in this case Geman ones)

Now a new level  of insanity.

I wrote about the CD with thought-to-be-tax-defrauders. Now there’s new level of insanity.

At first the CD should be bought and after that there should be a new law established which makes this buy illegal.

You don’t believe me.  I do not even believe it myself but it’s written here,4193742

The title says: law against data theft

But in the middle one can read:

“Zuvor wird der Bund allerdings die in Baden-Württemberg und anderen Bundesländern aufgetauchten Steuersünder-Daten “

Read: “Before the state governement will buy the CD of tax-defrauders which have occured in Baden-Württemberg or other states”

They want to make illegal what they are first doing and for which they are paying high sums.





This time it really gets miserably. The EU is considereing bailing-out Greece. How great is that, the one-eyed should lead the blind

Greece is a nepotism, the current “helpers” are on their way to nepotism. Nepotism leads to bancruptcy and so we all are heading towards it. Anything learned? Not a bit. So what can we do. I just can see one way out, introduce real-money any forbid that governements can lend. All other ways will sooner or later lead to YAF (yet another failout). THE EU should not spend one cent, Greece should left the Euro area and get their business done.

The most important now for Greece is introducing free trade (not bought trade). So every one takoing a cent of bribe money, is excluded from every public job. No excuse is accepted. Accepting bribe money is the counterpart of free trade, it’s conspiracy. So 2 sides (one side the “allmighty governement”, do make deals which, let to trades for “unreal” money. And it surely means it will be much more expensive for the governement.

So as long as we do see that bribe money is handed over in “quantities”, Greece should be left alone. If they’d had to leave and would start having real-money, they will recover very fast. If we sink in extra Fiat-money, they will loose and we’ll  loose also.