Doomed or blessed 2

Ok, here a new “suggestion”

“A country without firm support for private property is dommed.”

My notes for this:
– Germany -50 (Eigentum verpflichtet und Gemeinwohl) Property obliges and common welfare
– Switzerland 70
– US 0 ?
– China -100

If the private property is though of as disponible by the unproductive, there is not limt on seizing it or tax it nearly completly. There are examples of countries which do have failed miserable in that regard. The GDR, the UDSSR.

You may be suprised about my figures about China, but if you are not “political correct” in the sense of the communist party, then you simply have no chance. You will get to jail or get killed. I can not say how long it will take to see the doom of China, but it’s inevitable.

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