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Doomed or blessed 4

Another round in our enumeration of dos and don’ts

“A governemnt not defending privat property rights is doomed to fail”.

Examples, one very actual Zimbabwe. The land owners were expropriated (from a total corrupt political “elite”), the inflation rate is
not at 231 million per cent. So you can say, the only value of that currency is the paper value of their notes.
So the “elites” have taken it all for themselves so in fact there is hardly “support” for private property. It was seizef from the people.

Currently in Germany the figure for it is around -10 (we have some strange things in our Grundgesetz, so with enough interest of the “public”,
one can be expropriated, without a “proper” compensation, it’s not complete arbitrary but arbitrary enough to subtract from guarentee to private property)

We also have death duties here and this can be extremly high. See e.g

So up to 50% can be “taxed” away. That is way beyone any reasonable guarantee to private ownership.

It means also you have to triple or quadruple your fortune during your lifetime. One half will be “eaten” by inflation (fiat-money !!) the other hals seized after your death….

Doomed or blessed 3

Next round in the suggestions which indicate doom or failure of countries.
“The higher the subsedies the more doomd is that country”

Germany according to the Institut für Weltwirtschaft the subsedies and tax deductions should be as high as 164,7 Mrd. Euro.
Our whole budget is around 300 Mrd. So if one would have to pay the subsedies in cash we’d have more than half the money gone. I’d argue this
is at least around -70 (doom side)

What are the figures of other countries?

Doomed or blessed 2

Ok, here a new “suggestion”

“A country without firm support for private property is dommed.”

My notes for this:
– Germany -50 (Eigentum verpflichtet und Gemeinwohl) Property obliges and common welfare
– Switzerland 70
– US 0 ?
– China -100

If the private property is though of as disponible by the unproductive, there is not limt on seizing it or tax it nearly completly. There are examples of countries which do have failed miserable in that regard. The GDR, the UDSSR.

You may be suprised about my figures about China, but if you are not “political correct” in the sense of the communist party, then you simply have no chance. You will get to jail or get killed. I can not say how long it will take to see the doom of China, but it’s inevitable.

Is your country doomed or blessed

I though about it over and over again. And have come up with this suggestion
I will state what I think may lead to doom or blessing of a country. You can judge it for any country on a scale fro -100 …. 100
the more negative the worse.

So let’s start with suggestion one:
“Law can be put before a independent court. Especially can productive elements go for court against “unproductive” elements?”

Here’s are my estimates about it:
– Germany 70
– EU -100
(proof: the EU commision want to emit bonds on the premise for all EU countries but -§125 from the treaty of Lissboa states that this is explictly forbidden, the law was not
changed it still is valid, but only de jure not in fact, Nobody but someone from the EU commision can go to court against this breaking the law. So in fact the executive and jurisdiction is in “one” hand.. So the EU by any means is doomed …..

– US ?

what do yo think? Is this law enforcement a thing of doom or blessing?