Separation of powers the “political understanding”

Well strange things are happening in EU land. As you might know the political guidelines are initiated from
a commission of the EU. If I understand it correctly ministers of the diverse EU countries are part of this commission.
But this commision never ever was elected, in an open ballot. You’d might thing how does that work democracy and
“ruled by commisson” I think this is irreconcilable. And even worse this commison also are the only ones which can go to court for
their own decided rules. So we have the no separation at all. If I follow my doom or failure path. I’d say this gives
at least a – 90 (so our countries are doomed). Well it does not look all too bright for the EU countries.

Once we had politicans acting qute responsible, but I’m under the impresson this times have past. Is it really a “fact” that democracy turns into a
Ochlocracy sooner or later?

Well I’m under the impression that too much truth lays in that path. Just see how this “politicians” currently act. They decide on laws but do break them without
any qualms. And here in Germany many laws are decided which don’t apply to the politicians itself. E.g we have laws for healt insurance, but civil servant and therefor also
politicians are excluded. They get private health care. Now if the “rulers” rule with laws which do not apply to them. What else could be the result than more and more arbitrariness ?

I think it’s highest time to get rid of this “rat pack”….

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