My dislike for Obama has grown again

Well I was one of the few in 2008 which were writing against Obama. I had my reasons for that and I just mention a few things
– ObamaCare
– Tarp

Now there was one thing I thought he’d be doing better than anyone else before. Talking to other politicians. But he proofed me wrong.
It’s corporate America, than America an last and least Americas people. Just so much the US have started on a path of unsustainability.

Political decisions have forced the diverse banks to a fatal expanding of granted credits. The FED has fueled this with “100 dollars a dime”.

It’s interesting that the money was lend from all-over-the-world. So in fact everyone having bought an US bond has fueled this “rush”. People which have lived
within their bounds, we’re frowned upon. In fact they did everything right but then the politicians made them pay like crazy for gamblers.

Now we know this history. Now Obama does the following he starts to attack China and also Germany because of the status as world champion exporters. So in fact he now want that the Chinese and Germans buy like mad and follow the path to distruction. It’s also a fact that corporate America has out-sourced whole industries. America currently can not even produce computers. This ist done nearly 100% in China and Taiwan, there status as exporters is well neglectable, in comparison to their number of inhabitants. So what does the world buy from the US, first and foremost it’s software. They surely have an advantage here. Well Boeing is faring quite well also, and I guess americas exports of weapons will be might impressive. However they are not “free” in any way, they draw borders for everything, just see the decisions to not use planes from EADS (Airbus) and instead changing the rules of the “bidding” during it’s run. So everything is done and decided to mostly support the “biggest” gangsters sorry company CEOS….

So first goal is help corporate america, which then wil help americas politicians and last and least maybe the american people. So Obama has proofed over and over again, what he is. He is a politician for a small circle, this circle consists of the us politicians (sorry deledefs) and then a few big companies. That BP has make him “freak-out”, well how bad would it be to not have BP any longer but a “little” bigger Exxon or whatever other company there is.

And also remember the politicians have drawn a liability line of around 75 000 000 for environmental damages. So well you can see Exxon surly looks like “a darling of the US deledefs”. You might consider the implications of that…. See the decisions to support bankrupt and “more” than less corrupt banks. See how the Tarp money (just arouudn 750 billions) just have vanished like snow in the sun. Just see the sky-rocketing debts of “politiccal” america. Just see how the have “helped” GM, there is not one proof that Obama has decided to advance the really honorouble people. They just were taken a hostages, fair enougn the “new boston tea part” was established, I just can wish them all-the-best. The US must get rid of their current ruling circles….

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