To two of our european politicians

In this case to Mr Sakozy and Mrs Merkel

Whatever you do do bring more harm upon us. You are not the owner of the Europeans. Currently at least on wishes you really bad things.

You are working on sinking even more money, you are working on establishing more contract violations. Both of you are not minimize the harm, you are maximizing it.
I’d bet a few years from on you will find the place you deserve. Among the worst politicians ever. You name will get a prominent place in “the hall of deledefs”

Future will show if you or the markets will be right. I’m sure the winner will not be you.

I also will do whatever I can to harm you in any way which does not lead me to jail. I will write against your stealing every day. No other move against us will be tolerated or not documented. I always write where you violate the principal human rights of every one. Both of you are big thieves, both of you are paid by blackmailed money. I will also try my very best to not even get near you and you can bet I will all I can to not pay your dues. I wish you the poverty you are planning to put on us. I wish you all the worst.

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