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That’s true

Indeed the paper “money” system is at it core unjust. I always allows states which do have overall the hightest debts world-wide to pretent that they “own” more then they really have. States to not have to save to bear their expenses. They just can go to everyone else and tax them. Just imagine they would not have “the right” (who has given it to them) to tax? What would happen. They could not afford by any means to throw out the voluntary given money. Because I doubt very much they would get half of the money of each individual in their country.

Another problem is that states still can make debts. And the cumulation of all our debts is the paper money iteself. The sheer madness is that it starts is life out of nothingness and the taker of it are forced to really pay it back.

It’s snake oil, unfortunatly snake oil that pretends to work But in it’s core it’s destructive and unjust. And So they search for other reasons to justify it. And there we have it. Fight against…..

Now fill in the … Come back if you are finished ;-(

To two of our european politicians

In this case to Mr Sakozy and Mrs Merkel

Whatever you do do bring more harm upon us. You are not the owner of the Europeans. Currently at least on wishes you really bad things.

You are working on sinking even more money, you are working on establishing more contract violations. Both of you are not minimize the harm, you are maximizing it.
I’d bet a few years from on you will find the place you deserve. Among the worst politicians ever. You name will get a prominent place in “the hall of deledefs”

Future will show if you or the markets will be right. I’m sure the winner will not be you.

I also will do whatever I can to harm you in any way which does not lead me to jail. I will write against your stealing every day. No other move against us will be tolerated or not documented. I always write where you violate the principal human rights of every one. Both of you are big thieves, both of you are paid by blackmailed money. I will also try my very best to not even get near you and you can bet I will all I can to not pay your dues. I wish you the poverty you are planning to put on us. I wish you all the worst.

Why one can not choose for the Greens in Germany

It’s very simple. They are at the bottom against capitalism and even worse they prefer a sort of dictatorship in the name of the “Environment”. But and this should correctly be written BUT
this does not hold for the members of parliament. And wel they want to abolish personal transport and replace it by public transport means. BUT this should not hold for “important” members of their party. In fact they are flying around with the aviance attendance as every other politicians too. They are also responsible that Germany is among the countries with the highest prices for fuel. Indeed the fact is that around 70-80% is taxed away… This is due to the “fantastic” work of the Greens. One could live with it but they want to take the rest of freedom away from us, which is left in this socialiced country. Well you can bet if I will choose them ….

bread and circuses

Well that’s what the german deledefs seem to prefer. As some of you might have heard a german “frollein” has won the European song contest.
Now the polticians declare her a “great” german figurehead. But you know, if you get instrumented from Politicians….

The other things which have happened are not that joyful. Now the discussion starts abot tax raising, VAT raising etc. Everything (but currently not education according ot our first deledef) has to expect cuts. Well I bet everyone will find enough reasons why his/her resort should be excempted. So my bet is:

– VAT will raise (they will call it harmonizing with other EU countries (another small reminder the last VAT raise vom 16 to 19% has just been undertaken around 3 years ago.
It has resulted in 23 Billion more “income” and it was supposed to be used for paying back the immense debts. Well yo can imagine what they are going to take now and “argument” the same way. If you feel it sucks, well you’re not alone with that feeling….

– one could imagine a time-limited extra tax like we have to “supporting” east Germany since well now nearly 20 years. I bet a tax for “supporting” the EUR is not that impossible

– I expect some new sort of property tax, of course because the speculants are guilty

Let us assume another 4 % more VAT then we’re talking about roughy 40 Billion more Euros (but just take into account this year new debts were higher as 80 billions)… So it would not even be enough to stop making new debts.. so much about solidity

There will be other raisings, which are not that obvious. I doubt that many subsidies will get cut, if yes it will be some for parents. They know quite well that parents, work even harder to not let their children “suffer”. Exceptions just confirm this rules….

Well if you now something from the finanical toture catalogue, you surely find other “proper” actions…..

something stupid from Germany

Well it may not suprise you, but our deledes are working on the next stupidity or perfidity.
A global tax on financial transactions. You can hear the “mone” laugh and “run”?
How big chances are that e.g the USA agree on this. Well how about any other country world-wide.
What would be the problem for the rest of bigger money in Germany to emmitgrate?

And how many would “forget” about Germany sooner or later? Well they want to hit the “speculants” but
those will simply go elsewhere. And who will pay for this in the end. Every single Germany citizen. Suddenly a lot of money and “demand”
simply has gone. We’re not talking about a few hundred Euros ,but billions of it. How “difficult” is it to open a bank account anywhere in the world?

Fortunatly not all countries value “german laws” and or european law, let’s hope this will stand the tests of time…

I have a suggestion about what you should read (or read again). Do not got but run and fetch “Atlas shrugged”. and get a copy
of “Human action” from von Mises too. See how Ayn describes this “fights” of bureaucrats. See how the “unproductive” be the nails in the coffin for
the others. Let’s hope the “productive” find their Shangri-La as they did in Atlast shrugged somewhere in a valley of the Rocky mountains. Let’s hope someone
find this valley for us.

Politicians again (again in Germany also)

what suprise. A German who wrote about German (In)Politicians.

Another round of impertinence. Now I don’t know what fuel prices are in other countries, I just know  them from France and Germany, and especially
for Germany ;-). Ok now let’s see price is around 1,40 €/l.. However that’s just half the truth if you now that more than 75 % are taxes. Well  you have at least a few taxes
on it. At first it’s a fuel tax and after that all an VAT extra (another 19%). So  prices would be around  60-70 ct/l. Now who cries the loudest  about “high” fuel price? You have one guess free.

That’s what one can expect from politicians, FUD, and nothing more. If there is no enemy around, they construct one. If there is political nonsense around, well they will  find someone else to blame and if that doesn’t help they will pile another layer of bureaucracy upon this political nonsense, and they will try to explain that with rationality.