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I’m glad

That I didn’t jump the Rust hysterics and the Unity stuff:
See e.g: and

I’m pro earning money, but not for the price of rights diminishing. You can’t change a license retrograde. It’s an absolutely NO-Go, and getting people on your runtime and then asking for payments per installation is completely unjust. So I hope Unity will vanish. If you treat customers as shit, you should lose them all, and then you’re gone.

My own experiences with unit as company go back maybe 10 years. There was some kind of stuff they wanted to use a C-Compiler, and we should do something about that. But it was canceled quite soon and I wasn’t found of the way this has worked. Maybe that was a warning for me?

How f….. stupid

do they think I’m?

Gosh, if they don’t have it they are stupid and if they would tell they have they would be even more stupid. Of course they do not have anything – officially.

Does anyone believe the NSA does not have some “interesting” stuff about Frau Merkel?

And do you really thing they are running around shouting: We do have something about Frau Merkel Me me me me mee….



Who has won in Greece?

Well according to the press the ND has got 30 % of the votes. Well that’s not even in deledefs meaning enough to be seen as clear winner. And it surelly isn’t even in the crudest
deledefs dreams the majority. So do the Greeks have voted for the Euro. Well at least we no that nearly as much and probably many of the non-voters do not
favour the Euro. But it could be that the Greeks know what they have with the Euro, a shield against their own deledefs. And it seems they do trust at least this
shield more but their own deledefs.

That would at least make sense to me. I wrote it here and pointed it out. With a new Fiat-Drachme currency the way into inflation and degradation of the currency is
as clear as the moon and the sun in the sky. You can pretend it’s not there but you know they are there.

So should one congratulate the Greeks for that vote. Well know, they have voted for the same parties, and some of them want to go on with the party without bearing the consequences.
Greek still is bankrupt and it’s not heard that they have minimized their state “workers” that much. We’ve not heard or read that much was done against corruption. So Greece still troubles the same
problems as the day before yesterday. A state way to big. way too much statism, and strangling of free enterprises. The (nominal) taxes still are increased and in the name of fighting corruption, it seems
they just have introduced more “rules” which it seems not to many bother for really.

It’s also not recorded that the property rights were enhanced. At least I have not heard and read about it. I’m interested in any moves they did to really clear the mess. But sorry, the mess gets IMHO bigger by the day.
The Banks are near bankrupt (well that’s fair indeed) , and the will to really cut into subsidies etc is no where in sight and so they “hope” for the next round of debts to get them out of the trouble caused by debts…
That haven’t worked, does not work and will not work as long as there is an economy…..

Extension to completely actual

Well it has come as I expected more than once.

Now the next German Solar supplier will probably go bankrupt. And what did I post yesterday? Which itself was quire some “old” stuff? And
burning money what did I calculated there.

It’s depressing to see your money (yes I’m one of those still paying taxes) burned that way. Now if I would have invest my money with German Solar panels suppliers and started with this investment just 6 years
ago and would have held till today I would have lost > 97% with each. Very sustainable. Now I do have done that and still I have to pay for the panels on the roofs. But as you also know I placed some extra on my roof also I mentioned it
How to maximize damage to states

I hate to say it, but it’s kind of war time its defending one’s one property against theft, robbery, and black mailing. On the other side are the states and their workers.. It’s a shame.

To two of our european politicians

In this case to Mr Sakozy and Mrs Merkel

Whatever you do do bring more harm upon us. You are not the owner of the Europeans. Currently at least on wishes you really bad things.

You are working on sinking even more money, you are working on establishing more contract violations. Both of you are not minimize the harm, you are maximizing it.
I’d bet a few years from on you will find the place you deserve. Among the worst politicians ever. You name will get a prominent place in “the hall of deledefs”

Future will show if you or the markets will be right. I’m sure the winner will not be you.

I also will do whatever I can to harm you in any way which does not lead me to jail. I will write against your stealing every day. No other move against us will be tolerated or not documented. I always write where you violate the principal human rights of every one. Both of you are big thieves, both of you are paid by blackmailed money. I will also try my very best to not even get near you and you can bet I will all I can to not pay your dues. I wish you the poverty you are planning to put on us. I wish you all the worst.

A view on different taxes

especially in regard to the situation in Greece.

Well my opinion about taxes it that they are theft in any case, It’s not a deal you may make or may not do. You live in country X the “authorities” from country X will tax you.
You have no choice but comply, otherwise you will be “convinced” at the point of a gun and/or face hard times in jail.

It would be a little better if you’d have the chance at least to state for what you are willing to pay. Let’ s assume e.g the higway were build from the government. And you use them . The right thing would be to charge only those using the highways. That would be just. Anyway if you’d had at least the chance saying from my taxes x% are for the highways. (It’s just an example) this would be at least fit something a little bit like a market. But you do not even have that choice. So without doubt taxes are payments without some guranteed return. So in fact it’s theft and because it involves the “violence monoply” of the state it’s even worse

But income taxes are less expropriating as taxes on substance and or deat taxes. If there is an even more unjust type of tax, those are the candidates. Assume e.g you earn exaclty the free income before income tax applied. You do not pay any tax than.. Now assume you earn just that much money and have a substance tax, as were introduced in Greece. Now you have to pay the tax and you get taxed before income tax can set in. Now what does that mean. You may have to ask for a credit to pay your taxes? And next year when the same holds the interestes and principals have to be paid and the taxes again?

So in fact taxes on the substance are absolutly incompatible with property. So they are the most unjust things ever put on tax payers. And that’s the way Greece has gone. The requirements and payments get more and more injust. And still the same old gang is at the top. Now tell me something about hate….

New attacks on the markets

Oh, yes they are so endless stupid that it hurts anyone else. The politicians (sorry deledefs) have initiated the whole crisis stuff. Never were able
to get along with their stolen money (read taxes) and never enough credit for whomever they deem worthwhile.

And now they did it again. No thinking just like animals in panic. One direction. We must have our daily/hourly/minutely/secondly credit. And everything who is not willing to give it to us, we’ll feel our power.

Now the newest attacks on the markets. US Ratings should not hold any longer for Europeans. Agreed this rating agents have done wrong, but they are among those having
made the point that the debts of some EU-countries are “bad”. We know our deledefs see it differently and have taken all EC citizens as hostage. The name is safety chute or whatever, but
mean working against the market because markets to fail. Yes markets do wrong sometimes and after recognizing this they correct that. But it is not allowed to
swing into the direction “less” credit” , this is a no-go zone for any deledef. And so they fight the markets wherever they can, in the end they will fail

It’s just the question whom they will take with them. And here no-one living e.g here in Germany will be spared. Those handling responsible will pay the bill. And deledefs will be the thieves,defrauders, bandits and even murderers.

I have written before what one should do. And I’ve acted accordingly. Money was taken out of the EU dictatorship and put elsewhere. A contract about a lend farm includes the option to get paid in food. And if the money
will be gone some gold was “bought”. The option leaving this country was chosen by me, but not beard by anyone else in the family and so we are stuck with the rat packs name politicians here in EC land….

where’s the trust?

To the actions of politicians. (well deledefs). It sems to vanish like snow in the sun. Just imagine the last few weeks. The trouble started with Greece beeing suspected not beeing able to pay
for their debts any longer. Well so far so “bad”, but than the deledefs really started going wild. At first they “were thinking abou 22 Billion Euros, a bit later short over Billion Mrd or so and not even
a week later 750 billion. Just to remind you. The total debt of the EU countries is 8.7 trillion. And there the so called “shadow budgets”, which well at least we Germans have and I bet the French to not fare

Somwhere somone has written a 1000 points plumb of the Dow “destroys” one trillion of “wealtch”. Well that’s just 10 % of the dow jone indes. So to pay all the debts of the EU is comparable to “Dow ” to loose
8700 points or 80-90 %. Imagine that a dow at 0 ist not low enough for paying all the debts of the US. Now how can anyone with a little knowledge about figures, go on and pile up even higher debts? This is so ridicolous.

So to my question above. The trust is gone and rightly so. We normal people will not be able to breath or to raise children with such criminals. The laws “save” the sorry bastards, having to pay for their crimes. Every law which was established to save us from the greed ot the inproductive elements, are getting abolished more and more. Contracts are broken, and the only think we here. “there is no alternative”. There is no reason left to trust any current leading politician. You can neither trust any of our ministers, any of the french ministers you can not trust Obama administration in any way. Let’s hope for America that the Tea-party will be a succes. Let’s hope for Europe to get our states back from the polticians or bureaucrats. The best way to end this misery is, let’s get back money with value. I suggest puttin all politicians into one playe, where the have to grow their own food. Make very good fences around them and let’s go on without them.

Help end the central banks, fight for your rights, don’t hesitate to harm the current governements wherever and in whatever way you can….. Support only those which show respect of your and your property. Say no to black-mailing, avoid paying taxes as much as you legally can. Write to ever politician and claim your base human rights. If they vote against you over and over again, let them fall.

Don’t trust the Politicians and Administrations any longer, they have not deserved it in any way any longer…..