Our banking systems are broken beyond fubar

Well the longer the crises lasts, the more obvious it gets. Our banking-system is a sham. It allows banks to
generate money out of nothing and even worse it allows defraud on the banking customers.

You don’t believe me. Well then let me ask you just one question. I fyou are holding sight deposits, will banks lend them?
Yes they will that means they are lending money which is not their own. And this means also if every holder wants to get his/her sight deposits, the bank will be bankrupt (bank runs)
And does government anything against this defraud? No it is supported and backed up by them and so we get “gurantiees” on our sight deposits. but not fully oh no, just around 100 000 whatever.
That means if you are holding 200 000 in sigh deposits the guarantee is just well half of YOUR money. That’s a crime

And banks do not have to care for customers, they just have to care about central banks. And guess what central banks do. They just generate another round of money out of the blue.
Or do you think the 1 trillion of new debts here in Europe are covered by anything? Well think again.

Overall this system is fubar. One can not expect it to work and it is unfair from the ground up. You can not build trust on such kind of ground. But hey, the deledefs know better and you just have to believe them…
For me it’s more likely to imagine hell freezes over but believing any deldef or central banker….

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  1. bonventre88

    Gold is currently the only VICS – volatility straddle unless they reanimate Eisenhower!

    The FCC directly supported Corzine by literally working on his behalf to cover up warning information about the fragility of his fraudulent hedge fund scheme!

    We need to put up a sign on the FCC building saying, “This is a branch of the too-big-to-fail bank system”; because it is NOT a government office anymore.

    To date, there are absolutely no independent regulators in the system; and no one in the system is prosecuted. So FRAUD is the biggest profit center in corporate America!

    Financial network programs have become little more than propaganda- outlets and slickly produced infomercials for the monied interests. When the mainstream media went corporate and consolidated, the important role of the Fourth Estate in balancing the power structure was silenced or converted into a perverse pantomime.

    MF Global bankruptcy:

    As you will recall, Mafia don Jon Corzine & former Governor of New Jersey was also the CEO of the fraudulent MF Global. And who was Obama’s biggest individual contributor? Corzine – who gave Obama over 500 thousand!

    In the futures industry, customer segregated accounts are always supposed to be kept separate from the investment activities of the broker. Yet the MF Global bankruptcy revealed there was at least 600 million in customer segregated accounts that had disappeared in fraudulent investment activities of their JP Morgan-Chase bada-bing brokers. Today the report is that this particular fraud is around 1.6 Billion! But despite the 100’s of forensic accountants, regulators and lawyers tied up into this to no avail. This is the first time in history there has ever been this type of shortfall in financial instruments.

    Wouldn’t you know it, just like the phony government RTC created to uncover fraud in the 80’s banking scandal, the government actually hired the very men who perpetrated the fraud to act in the interest of the people who lost everything to the fraud – They hired the fox that ate the chickens in the hen house to investigate the loss of chickens in the hen house!

    Individual Small Biz People vs. Big Wall Street Banks:

    So without anyone there to protect those who lost money to fraud, JP Morgan-Chase was given priority over all assets and monies in the bankruptcy case – Which is beyond blatant fraud!


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