Oh no, we’re not stupid


We’re just bloody stupid.
It does not matter if right of left they are just bound to repeat history over and over and over again. The price hike is inevitable, the prices were so low because of subsedied. Now they want to got to war with their major supplier for gas and they do expect that they will not change their policies against them? Don’t tell me about stupidity, this is beyond any doubt one of the stupidest things ever done.

And then they have disallow their own people to do whatever they like with their devastated currency. No again, how much more stupid can it get.

It’s clear they are straight going back into darkest ages. Oh gosh, if I’d live in the Ukraine, I would currently hope to live in the Crimea area.

And now comes the absolutely most ridiculous, the EU and IWF are there to help them….. There’one spiritual for that “Siner you know” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ySzKlN-WpM
The way is chrystal clear, poor souls, got killed from your own “government”…

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