I love it

from http://www.lewrockwell.com/2014/10/gary-north/so-many-liberals-so-few-lifeboats/

The liberal WaPo got bought last year by Jeff Bezos, who runs Amazon.

It has just announced a freeze on pension benefits.

The sinking ship of print media is doomed. It is a delight to see. All those liberals; so few lifeboats!

They had hoped. They had dreamed. They had trusted management. Now they are getting a taste of economic reality. Oh, woe!

They had no major competition for decades. Now there is Craigslist. Free.

Now there is Drudge for all the wire service news. Free.

Free for all. That’s what it is out there: a free for all.

WaPo cannot compete.The strategy of buying up major city newspapers was central to liberalism. That strategy has failed. Technology did an end run around it.

The chickens have come home to roost. The chicken coop’s floor is old copies of WaPo.

Print media are where you get day-old news. This is great for lining the floors of chicken coops, but not much else.

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