It’s important

but I can not find any reason why I should follow the US election campaign.-  It will have influence the Germany with high probability even the earth will get influenced. Both are terrible candidates but can we find a difference? Yes there is Hillary is grown up in this hell, and well Trump does have his share of ignorance and hate from the political establishment. (see e.g: it’s about the tax declaration of Trump, which he seems not to like seeing published. But hey it’s expected according to Hillary.

However both have nothing which would make him/her a good candidate. If Trump really means USA first, one has to ask what does it mean. Does it mean eh would order back the soldiers world-wide? If not why not?

Hillary, is establishment and I’m afraid the president ship from here man has shown here what to expect. She’s a liar that’s for sure but she is probably intelligent enough for estimating the reactions on her and what Bill Clinton has done to her. I don’t think she would have stick to Bill, if she would not give a dime on public opinion. She knows all to well to play by the rules and bend them to her advantage. I guess in the end she will be quite the larger evil – but what does that mean if it will get paid in blood?

I’m still surprised that nothing was made up against Trump. some sexual harassment, some suspicious words, repeated over and over again. Nothing at all, and even more easy for CIA, FBI why not find some drugs with him or somewhere he has been?

The so called scandals make up a kind of made up, but that was really poor done, still nothing seem to stick to Trump, that really does surprise me. That Hillary is not persecuted, just shows how well she knows the rules and how fine she knows to take advantage for herself. Trump seems to me way too straight and Hillary is as infamous as you can imagine.

Does Trump oversee what he requests? Well I’m afraid in the area of freedom he’s too well integrated into the unfree rules of the US economy. I’m quite sure he knows the rules, and I’m also sure he knows his way around them. Still I would give Hillary an advantage. So she seems to be a more arrogant liar. This may be seen by quite a few more and so I could imagine this will give an edge of Trump over Hillary.

So to make end this message. I do think Trump will win with around 55/45 % with a more than 60 % likeliness – meaning Trump will win. I have a bad idea about the goodness for the world of that but I don’t think Hillary would be just a bit better. The choice is in the end none, no one is better then the other and they both are worse for the US and world. So would you rather suffer toothache of headache? Of would you prefer to die by getting shot or getting hanged. Some choices are no choices at all and that is my opinion about them both. None of them is a good candidate and they will be both worse then even Obama and that really is hardly a good thing.

I’m sure we’ll see more limits to freedom for everyone. And we’ll see more debts with both of them. Will the break come within the first ruling time? I doubt it, FED will print and people will still believe that printing makes a difference. It does, but to no good end, the break-down will be harsher. Do I see any softer landing with any of the both? No. They are too used to the wrong doings of the actual politics.

Well now quite some months later, some came or state similar expectations. Especially Bill Bonner. Well you can see what I’ve so say about that. Just another: Hit – sunk.


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