Economig knowledge a scarce thing?

I wonder who can follow:^UDN,^GSPC

Bernanke does the same as Greenspun had did, flooding the markets with money. Well let me ask if

How should one interprete the following sentence:
“This is monetary policy, not something vital to the future of the world, like, say, who gets kicked off “Dancing with the Stars.” ”

Irony? Sarcasm? Well, if you just read on you read this
“Since very few people in Washington have his back — Democrats distrust him because he was appointed by Bush, and Republicans distrust him because he was reappointed by Obama — the mean girls and guys feel free to lob spitballs at him every time he gets up to speak.”

You can see the author means this literally. It’s unbelivable that this should be true:
“Daniel Gross is economics editor at Yahoo! Finance.”

He does not get one thing straight. And even more unberable:
“Bernanke engaged in plenty of unorthodox activities — taking short-term interest rates to close to zero,”

Just imagine monetary policy is unimportant but in the same arguments he points out what Bernanke has all done. Well if that all is so unimportant why should Bernanke do anything? Why does he even write a sentence about Bernankes actions?

Monetary policy is important and the most important goal of any monetary policy must be to have stable money. he does not even think that, that this is important. So it’s as saying air is not imporant. I guess we should give him a few hours in a cheese cover. If he survives, than I admit my error. Air than is unimportant, if we have to get him out of the cover and he surives than he may have to admit that AIR is important.

More than one big inflation has shown, there are much more loosers than gainers. And it always has shown also. Those having done responsible will have to pay for he others, and a new round of blood-sucking starts. We are surely in a blood bath, and Bernanke has started it.

Well irony get’s a new meaning, this is what I found a Mr Greeenspun has to say:

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