If producers do not respect your property

Then such terrible things happen:

Of course, I hit hard on Apple here, but don’t get me wrong. The products they have are good, they are good and extremely expensive. So they should at least make it easy to keep it running. But they treat customers like shit. At first, the whole Apple IT-Stuff is a get in and never find out again. The data collections are IMHO terrible, and they fucking expect that you replay your device every 3-5 years. That’s ridiculous! I’ve recommended buying an Apple computer to my brother because it’s a tool for him. He just wants something that works. Yes, maybe you can get that with Windows also, but then it’s a Windows. I’m using Linux boxes for more than 20 years. So I know my way around obstacles and I can help myself. Not many are willing to spend so much time on it and yes, they still have the problem with running windows software anyway and so the buy MS- products. I can’t say I dislike either Windows or macOS but what I hate about both is their attitude to the user. Do as we say – we know better. No, you don’t, and especially you do not have any right to send information from my device to you. And that’s why I’m not using Mac OS X and Windows on my machines and just let them run in virtual machines.

The only Apple product I regularly use is an iPad, and maybe I will change that with the next device. Of course, because of this data collection madness, I don’t like android cell phones that much. But I hardly use them so, I have myself arranged with it. But eventually the base is, no information every should be sent to either producer without my consent. And know you can shove your arguments about “helping the customer” wherever you like, it’s not yours and so keep your hands off!

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