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That is interesting

gold/silver as curency

However one never should forget the perfidious politicians. After Bretton Woods private ownership of Gold was forbidden.
Who will gurantee that this won’t happen again if Utah may get drown in this curios little green bucks….

I asked the north-african people for exactly the same. Do all you can to get money with value. Don’t follow us stupid Europeans or whomever you think of. Fiat-money value
is “0” by definition. It’s the believe that this money has some worth. See the price raises in the last few months, they show that “money deevaluateion” is a question of quantity. There are too many
colorful sheets of paper for “real” values. So the price must raise, it’s inevitable.

Be cautious

whom you choose as friend. If this “friend” is named USA, you may get knee deep into trouble sooner than later.

30 years Mubarak was the “fighter” for the interests of the USA. Now a few days ago, they demanded him to step back. And even more “funny”
it is rumoured they had “plans” for the after-Mubark time. I wasn’t aware that Egypts is the 51 state of the USA. But hey what am I, just a stupid liberal….