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About the US-Shutdown

Now in short you can read about it at zerohedge at:

“The irresponsibility of the governments that have done nothing but spend since Ronald Reagan jacked in acting to play the role of President of the USA, there has been nothing but a successive line of Presidents that have been playing a role-game for the entire country. It’s about time that all that changed.”

And this spending was so easy because the US dropped money for IOYs. Is it time for a change? Well it is beyond high time, but the system still has the weopons ans still the support of most of the population. So it will go in, till it really breaks. I doubt there will be any president wise enought to initiate the bust, I’m also afraid the next chief of the central bank will print even more money. And we all know how that ends….

A small thing to remember


Take that Obama. You are surely one of the worst presidents the US ever had. You are in very bad company. There is Nixon, and the civil war president Lincoln. Now all of them have one in common they have not the slightest respect on the constitution. It was meant to keep the state ouf of ones live. But what did you they do? They send their citizens into battle, they’ve stolen their property and they forced them into health care. What do you think are? God?

Watch and learn

you american politicians. You’re short on morality, and short on money? Well I can’t help with the morality stuff but I can with the money stuff.

Watch what the EC (finance) debt ministers have done. It’s so easy just steal from the bank account holders. You maybe have 17 Trillions of debts, but don’t be afraid. I’m sure the Americans have much more in their accounts.

So do it as the Europeans. Just with 10-20% of stealing you get rid of all the debts you have. And the circle of new debts can start again.

So feel free to watch and learn