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Time’s starting to tell

something, very easy to understand for any one who likes freedom who knows the base of liberalism in the european sense.-  What’s time telling? “It won’t be different this time”, anyone who does not know what I mean should run to the next shop an see the book “this time is different” it’s about bankruptcy and states.

All current Systems are very deep social democratic nearing socialism. Freedom is just-  a word they use to describe that you are free to agree with them or go to jail or even worse get killed.

Now see the things Obama really has done to the US. And there’s but one hallmark, soaring debts and being in wars during all the time. Now the USA is at war for nearly 15 years. Agreed the numbers of casualties is low, in fact so low that nobody objects. But soldiers of the US are dying in the non-declared wars, that’s the fact. And the other fact not even the central bank can hide:

The charts stop well in the past but the plus is immense from around 7 trillion to over 17 billions in not just 8 years. That’s the base line of Obamas “achievements” a total corrupt state, a state which is more orwellian than 1984 and still the same “rulers”. Just remember before the bullets hits you. It’s all for YOUR best, so they told/tell.

Here’s a more actual chart:

Unfortunately but true

The way into debt is the way into death.

We’re seeing it more and more in a growing number of countries. The debt mountains are very high and not bearable. So they must be “written down”. Those who have accumulated the debt do everything to get new debts. And they do accept every harm for anyone else. Currently it’s still peaceful, (besided the wars all over the world) but those are limited compared to the last World-War.

But will it be peaceful if states and large banks begin to fail? What will happen to the debts of the US, the EU countries, China, Japan? You can see the level of violence raises in countries near a default. Just look at Argentina, Bolivia, or why not Ukraine?

There’s still the on-going civil war in Syria, which well is not discusses very much any more. Now it’s the “coming”? crimean war. The point still is, they all have consumed too much in too short a time. And so they are desparatly in need for new financing sources. And well at the end of an imperium, usually stands war…

Will it be different this time?

Just one word

Well you remember my last entries just a month or so ago, where I wrote that police is not your friend any more, but the sheer brutal force to get the elites “living”.

For that you see there are other things which clearly state, there are laws and laws. Those in disadvantege for states can be broken as one likes but don’t you dare to break on written law (you can not even speack from rights) any more.

You don’t believe that? Well how about:

A small thing to remember


Take that Obama. You are surely one of the worst presidents the US ever had. You are in very bad company. There is Nixon, and the civil war president Lincoln. Now all of them have one in common they have not the slightest respect on the constitution. It was meant to keep the state ouf of ones live. But what did you they do? They send their citizens into battle, they’ve stolen their property and they forced them into health care. What do you think are? God?

Doubled entry from the new Mises blog:

Wel I guess it will get worse, It seems quite a lot a still reading here and so I guess I have to post here also:
Here we go

Peace the Obama way:

Once upon a time (well this time frame is around a week or so) . Obama decided, well there is this afghanian preacher there, he’s an American, but still I’m under the impression that he is a terrorist. Would you be so kind to do anything about that?

Military not slow with killing. Just sends out a killing machine killed that man.

And there is Peace the Obama way.