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Order of changes

Well in my opinion there is an order of imporance for our money system.

The base is the fiat-money has to go. Nothing else will help the honest. All fiat-money systems are systems of defraud.

The holders of the “money” are states in the form of central banks. So it’s clear central banks have no use in a 100 % gold backed currency. In fact central banks
are those which manipulate the amount of money to their liking without anything but their will. And with the monopoly of force behind them. No one would accept written paper to be money
if he does not know his counterpart and if he would not be coninced one could something for the offered money. The precious metals (especially gold) have their advantage, it’s
wanted world-wide and there is not country where gold is not precious. So everyone know Gold delivers.

So I’d propose the following order.
1) the new gold currency is just the weight of gold for prac tical use it might be a good idea to have coins of special weigh (g an kg are all we need for it, but even ounces would do)
2) the central banks can be kept during the introduction of gold as currency. There only duty is to fetch the gold let it coin an release it. The gold of the central banks is owned by everyone and so it could be the base for the money states have to use to pay their bills.
3) after that the central banks are closed down.

That’s all. Everyone will tell us that is impossible to do, because of the sheer amount of free-floating paper (otherwise known as money). But we can find every quotient to make the amount of gold fit the currency in circuclation. it can’ t be a problem do define one dollar worth 0.000001 g if that is what is needed. We roughly know the current amount of money and at least the central banks should know how much money they really printed.

Even Greenspan has has his light moments before he took the chair of the Fed. to that time he was exactly right. Why he lost it on the chair? Who knows.

Even if it may be difficult, it can get solved now or it will get solved in the future. Currently I’d think there is some kind of control possible, I doubt this will be true later. If the currencies and economies break down it’s usual “fight” time. And as much as I hope it can workout without violance, I’m sure it will be violence….

Interesting days

Yesterday it was a interesting day at the stock exchange in Germany. Up 1.7 or so %. That’s quite a mark. However it was fuels by the “hope” or “certainty” that there will be new payments for Greece.
So that is interesting. Although it’s getting more and more obvious that Greece will default. The hope there is still, that “more” money will help. We can see this superstition is undying. So we climb up the cliffs
a little higher. And we seem to think it doesn ot matter how deep the fall. One will survive. Sure even after the Euro people will live and it’s to be expected that the deledefs will live off the fat of the land.

The result will be more and more will get poor. Hardly anyone will be saved. We currently live like if there is no tomorrow, and probably for many there won’t be one. But still some of us have children and they may see it
a bit different. But currently we do have party. And read my last blogs where I ask what are the signs? The signs for the “ending” of this biggest bubble/bust circle ever since around 90 years. Americas unemployment rate is nearing 12 %, we here in Germany are currently lowering our unemployment rate. This probably will change dramatically if the defaults will get unavoidable.

There are also attacks on the purse from every side. And especially from areas where the truth can not be found in any current figures. Just in a few side-notes. We’ll have a giant promise of the pension payments in front of us. We’ll see
extreme raises in day and night care for the elderlies. There are less and less working productive and really “serving” the wishes and needs of men. And more and more will get sunk in bureaucrats excesses. So you can see I’m not very optimistic about the raising “notations” at the stock exchanges. I’m afraid it just will up in more misery day-by-day.

small additon for 01.06.2011. It has gone nearly as much down as up yesterday.