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Direkte Frage an unsere Staatsangestellten

Haben Sie schon einmal den Begriff Abnutzung gelesen oder ihn gar verstanden?

How terrible fitting:

“The short version is this:

If you are smart, have a brain, have hustle, and simply an IQ above 100, there is no reason you should ever work in public education. It’s not only no longer a meritocracy, but it’s petty squabbling and office politics. It is also CATTY which is an unfortunately by-product of it being a disproportionately female dominated industry.

Like Corporate America, you take a “pass” on this “career” and get your ass into contracting, entrepreneurship, self employment, shit even welfare is better than working in this insane asylum. Do not subject yourself to these types of industries. And certainly to not become financially dependent on them.”

That is earned by any means.