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what happens if failure is not an option any more?

I wonder, how can things work if failure is not option any more. Please tell me how could it be that a “bank”, too large to fail, is allowed to persist. Is it better to drive a whole country bankrupt? Just imaginge the following numbers 145 billions have been sunk into HRE, the saving of all Germans in 2009 should have been 189 Billions. That means nearly all our savings from (around 80 milliion people) have been burned. How sustainable do you think is that?

I’m afraid a big catostrophy is overdue. What do you think if let’s say DB and CB will get into deeper trouble. We simply can not affort it. So are politicians to be allowed to bring that much harm over us? Well in Germany there is oath to save the population for harm. But what do they do they drove us down the road to perdition. I’m really wondering if we can start fighting them, because they are working against or base law. (the “Grundgesetz”)

How is that different with the US. Isn’t Obama, and Bernanke harming the Americans over any before known bound?

Think about what it means that failure is not an optoin any more. What about responsibility than? There is no “too big” to fail. Even countries have failed and they will fall again in the not to distant future if they allow overtaking all corporations just because they are supposed “to big to fail”. Can you imagine the smash if the US will go down the drain? Just compare that to a failure of all the overtaken businesses. What will harm more people?

Is your country doomed or blessed

I though about it over and over again. And have come up with this suggestion
I will state what I think may lead to doom or blessing of a country. You can judge it for any country on a scale fro -100 …. 100
the more negative the worse.

So let’s start with suggestion one:
“Law can be put before a independent court. Especially can productive elements go for court against “unproductive” elements?”

Here’s are my estimates about it:
– Germany 70
– EU -100
(proof: the EU commision want to emit bonds on the premise for all EU countries but -§125 from the treaty of Lissboa states that this is explictly forbidden, the law was not
changed it still is valid, but only de jure not in fact, Nobody but someone from the EU commision can go to court against this breaking the law. So in fact the executive and jurisdiction is in “one” hand.. So the EU by any means is doomed …..

– US ?

what do yo think? Is this law enforcement a thing of doom or blessing?