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something stupid from Germany

Well it may not suprise you, but our deledes are working on the next stupidity or perfidity.
A global tax on financial transactions. You can hear the “mone” laugh and “run”?
How big chances are that e.g the USA agree on this. Well how about any other country world-wide.
What would be the problem for the rest of bigger money in Germany to emmitgrate?

And how many would “forget” about Germany sooner or later? Well they want to hit the “speculants” but
those will simply go elsewhere. And who will pay for this in the end. Every single Germany citizen. Suddenly a lot of money and “demand”
simply has gone. We’re not talking about a few hundred Euros ,but billions of it. How “difficult” is it to open a bank account anywhere in the world?

Fortunatly not all countries value “german laws” and or european law, let’s hope this will stand the tests of time…

I have a suggestion about what you should read (or read again). Do not got but run and fetch “Atlas shrugged”. and get a copy
of “Human action” from von Mises too. See how Ayn describes this “fights” of bureaucrats. See how the “unproductive” be the nails in the coffin for
the others. Let’s hope the “productive” find their Shangri-La as they did in Atlast shrugged somewhere in a valley of the Rocky mountains. Let’s hope someone
find this valley for us.