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Not maybe

Maybe the IPCC’s Modelers Should Try to Simulate Earth’s Oceans

I know, it’s meant ironic, anyway that is just another “ommission” one can not understand. If there is one element which makes use the blue planet it’s water. And not understanding the feedback from air to water and shallow waters to deep waters is anything BUT science.

But we know IPCC is not there for science it’s there for propaganda and you know this is one area where one should not stop for genocide….

This bastards should really have to go to hell for while and learn “climate” change.

climate change?

Some interesting news from the climate MCKarthism front:…/kein-ahnung-uber-die-glaubwurdkgkeit.html

Attention it’s in german. I mentioned the problems a few times on my other blog. My questions still persist:

– what influence is given the sun in the “warming models”

– what is the data base?

It seems the sun is not “that important” but this just can be named
“stupid”. And the Data seem to be at least doubtful. Someone else also
has pinpointed a few problems:…/honesty.html

Just read a few extra entries and you got quite a bit food for thought.