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The climate again

well a bad day for nearly every one but bureaucrats and scientists working on the climate warming. For every other there’s bad news. Now the raise of the temperature should be limited to 2 -° C. That means despite scientific doubts, believing in what the majority thinks was choosen. It does not matter if it really get’s warmer, or if man really is the reason. The message is: “Men is guilty of the warming and warming is good”.

I should want to mention that in Germany there was a big discussion about dieing forests. Well Germany still has it’s forests and despite anything else they are growing, and the surely will grow more if there will be less Germans (or people living here). Another thing quite recently. the ADAC (germans largest automobile club) has found out that the so called “Feinstaubplakette” ( respirable dust) has not made a difference. In cities with zones the air, where just certain cars are allowed to enter, were not better than in other cities. But it has cost every car owner between 5-10 EUR.

It seems we have not sunk enough money into your banks now a few trillion, whatever funny currency name you can think of, play field. What will happen if the temperature will still rais above the 2 -° C. Will they send out the army to kill a few CO2 emittenters? Maybe starting with animals but happily accepting a few dead men as collateral damage? So in the sense of “We have no choice?”

It’s that easy

I cite from:,8599,1962294,00.html

“That’s in part because of global warming — hotter air can hold more
moisture, so when a storm gathers it can unleash massive amounts of

Well it’s not that dumb seeing alone, but seeing it together with the miserable data base of all the temperatures, the reasoning is clear.

It’s getting colder and/or it’s having more snow because it’s getting warmer.

So in some areas the warming will yield less rain etc, in other regions it will yield more snow and in other areas, nothing will happen. But it’s all because of global warming. It’s not because climate is changing constantly it’s because of our CO2 emissions or maybe, our breathing. At least we know we breath O2 and give away CO2, so the logical implication is. Get rif of 90% of men and all problems are gone….



climate change?

Some interesting news from the climate MCKarthism front:…/kein-ahnung-uber-die-glaubwurdkgkeit.html

Attention it’s in german. I mentioned the problems a few times on my other blog. My questions still persist:

– what influence is given the sun in the “warming models”

– what is the data base?

It seems the sun is not “that important” but this just can be named
“stupid”. And the Data seem to be at least doubtful. Someone else also
has pinpointed a few problems:…/honesty.html

Just read a few extra entries and you got quite a bit food for thought.