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“Interesting” move

Well I guess you have heard about Greece before. If you are wise 😉 and reading this blog and/or the older one you know that I’ve made my own calculations on the sparse information one could gather. In fact the financial situation of Greece is very diffuse, but now that you know Greece still must have some Millions left:

If we assume one tank is around 1 Mio €. Well the Greece will not have to pay that they maybe even will get them for “free”. Well if you’ve read the Books of Heinlein you know “There ain’t such thing as a free lunch”. And so the Greece will “just” have to bear “maintenance costs”, “fuel cost (this tanks are not that “thirsty” “just” 10l /km) and it’s fuel the Greece Army has not used up till know (according to And what did some Trojan says. I do not believe the Danaer even if the give us gifts.

So in the end it will cost them dearly. One could imaging that because of Putins “move” for a panrussion Federation the Amercians would like to have well equipped “buffers” down there. Anyway as you might know also Greece and Turkey are not “that big” friends. And imagine what’ll happen if Greece will break down (you do not believe that could happen) Well think of Argentina, it broke down and suddenly the middle classes where “gone”. So don’t say it can’t happen. It had happened it happens (currently all European deledefs but one or so) are doing anything to make us European more poverish.

And the Americans among you (at least I hope a few are there) , know what it means to live in over-debted countries. And well you middle class is also diminishing. Because neither in the US nor in the EUR zone there is something like market. The bureaucrats and deledefs make the rules and you have to obey at a point of a gun. And well because it is better that the money is in the hand of government (because of it’s great justice) they have to take it away from you..

So the moves should make you think. Why would one support other governments with more and more deadly weapons. Look at Syria, look at Lybia and you may have you answer. It could mean martial law! And if the military is at the top of government, you know war is nearly inevitable. You also know that human rights do not count much in the US any more. There still is Guantanamo there still is Abu Ghreic, there still is torture and well there is “killing” in the name of “freedom”. What freedom is “dictatorship”. So draw your own conclusion. I’m worried and it’s getting worse day-by-day.

What have we won

or didn’t we have won?

Now that the “top” terrorist is dead, will we be safer?

According to this at least not on the railroad. So Al Kaida wanted to attacke the railway infrastructure.

So at least they are weakened a bit. They were able to use plans for the prior attacks. Now they “just can go by train”? But still we need to “react” on threats of them?
So what did we have won then?

It seems whatever there is there can just be one answer. More control, more buereacracy and more unproduktivity. Just imagine how much money did Al Kaida spend to bring down the
twin tower? We can assume a few millions.

How much did it cost to hunt down Osama? Well the US and Nato are now more or less at war for at least tens years. If the US . The “official” costs for the military is somewhat around 600 Billion (I just do not believe this figure for a second) and so 10 * 600 billions are 6000 billions or 6 trillions. Let’s be generous and say half of the money was spend because of Osama. Then we are talking about 3 trillions.

So let’s come to efficiency. Osama let’s say 100 million, USA 3 trillions Faktor is 100 000 000/3 000 000 000 000 = 0,0000333 as effective. Well we can say we just need 5-10 Osamas and the USA is finished. They would have spend all there money on “fighting” the terrorists. all the GDP would be burned. So in fact one just needs a Billion to bring the US down. Now tell me anything about the best equipped military complex of the world…. In fact Ghadaffi should have enough to handle that. … he#s a bit unfortunate nevertheless, because he has probably not so “fine fanatics” among his followers. So it seems Ghadaffi would be well advised to finance Al Kaida. They have enough fanatics, and he has the money. …. Would be deadly for this kind of US….

Something worth to be thinking about

Won’t you agree, that politicians have a strange kind of understanding about what people can and can’t do? In Germany we learned after a
referendum about changes in the way schooling has to run. There are a few interesting twarts in Germany.
– home schooling is a a no-no (well one family has been granted asylum in the US because of political chase, because they did not wanted to let their children go
to school)
– another speciality of Germany is a just 4 years long primary school. In Hamburg the CDU/Greens wanted to have 6 years of primary school. They were voted down and lost this case.
The four years will be kept.

Ok, now what’s the point? After this election a discussion has started on how to handle such referendums. And on of the politicians just said (not just anyone but the Chief of the CDU) that
people can’t be trusted not to choose without emotions. Especially problematic areas should be security and finances. Well this just shows what they think about us. We are hardly able to choose every 4 years our Deledefs, but hey we surely can’t be trusted with other questions. They are too complex and we’re too emotional and therefor votes could be at random. Well in Germany the parties have way too much power and they get special “care” from the political system. They get something called money for votes. That will say every vote will be paid for xy cent for the party which has won this vote….

And therefor it’s clear we should not to anything to constrain the power of the parties. They are the only ones which probably do not decide emotional or whatever. Well this whatever is interesting, at first we have > 1.7 billions of debts, I feel you can’t see that as an success. And more intersting that are just the official debts, there must be quite more but this information is not given out. This money is put in dubious shadow budgets. Not official and well nobody knows them all, but the interests surely have to be paid for…..

The war in Afghanistan is very doubtful also. And most of us would not have send even one soldier down there. But those which are there are poorly equipped. Whoever has “enjoyed” his time in the German army knows what bureaucracy and beeing underfunded means. Just one example the motorcyled used by dispatch riders are 2 strokes (12.5 PS) and around 50 years or so old…, I guess the whole fleet of vehicls will be between 10-20 years old (on average). So again they send our our people to war and let them alone with equipment which is totally antiquated…

But hey they are the only ones with are able for founded votes…..