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New lows? Sure new lows !!

Well it seems the lows were not low enough

1) The USA growth was cut by 2/3 from the “experts”

2) The help for Greece is not enough the “saving” goals will not be reached

3) Gold climbs again but the Germans sell their Gold attire (do they really think they will not miss some value to barter with on the markets?)

4) Italys Berlusconsi says Italy is shit

5) Obama “promised 1 Million new jobs”

6) Bernanke does not do anything currently but has vengeance weapons.

7) The people still buy swiss money as if there won’t be tomorrw

8) The economy growth in Germany is supposed to get much slower

9) Many Germans give a sh… on their own personal debts.

Dear Readers, you can see they do not what they do but they are marching on….

You remember my predictions? Well inflation is still high and yield are on record low. That means you loose money while you bu bonds. If you feel like burning money, do me a favor and send the money you like to burn to me. I’ll buy some extra precious metals…..

I found this in my other blog written some 3 years or so ago:

It could be that the around 10 trillions or so have bought us 3 years. Well half of the time the whole have worked for that much money, and it does not seem to help,. I bet another non-existant 10 trillions wil harly buy us another 3 years maybe 1-2.. and then?